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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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PCPD’s finest–Mac, Ronnie, Dante and Delores–round up the Lisa Niles suspects, minus Liz. They are taken back to the boat, for a good old fashioned “Who Done It?” 

At the PCPD, Sam meets with Jason. He doesn’t know why he lost it on Floyd. Sam admits she went to the meeting spot with Michael, but swears all they found was the white circle on a garbage can.  Sam tells him Alexis is on her way to help him. She doesn’t want to be there when her mother arrive, so heads out.  Sam makes Michael promise not to tell Jason about the DVD.  

Michael visits with Jason, who demands to know what else was found. The circle isn’t enough. 

Alexis runs into Floyd at the police station.  She accuses him of antagonizing Jason into attacking him, to sell papers.  Alexis says Jason will get his day in court.  Floyd lets himself into the interrogation room. He proceeds to rattle both Michael and Jason. Jason gets angry and attacks Floyd, until Alexis and an officer arrive to pull him off.  Floyd accuses him of attempted murder.

Alexis wonders what’s wrong with Jason, but he says he doesn’t know.  He wants to know if she can make the charges go away.  She tells him to let the police deal with Franco and to stay away from him. 

Out on the murder boat, Johnny points out that he and his father weren’t on the boat that night. However, Delores says they were seen on the water.  Maxie curses out Matt, for being MIA for days.  Mac announces that the murder is someone in that room.   Mac says they found the wrench, which was the murder weapon.  Dante says everyone had a reason to want Lisa gone. 

Dante says Robin’s watch stopped at 9:49, when it broke during Robin’s fight.  He says Robin was the last to see Lisa alive. Patrick says that honor goes to the killer. He swears Robin isn’t the killer.  Robin has a memory of a man’s hand grabbing the wrench. 

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Mac points out that Anthony had power of attorney and got Lisa out of the coma.  Anthony claims that means he didn’t want to kill her.  Dante points out that Johnny had a relationship with her and maybe either of them helped Lisa onboard or tried to stop her.

Ronnie mentions Steve’s past relationship with Lisa. Delores is still curious about the scratch marks on Steve’s face.  Ronnie says maybe Olivia didn’t like Lisa’s past with Steve, but Olivia denies that. 

Dante wonders where Matt has been lately, He says Matt might have been drunk enough to kill Lisa.  Maxie comes to Matt’s defense. Ronnie says Maxie had motive because of Spin’s shooting. 

Patrick says there is no evidence about who the killer is, but Mac says that’s not true.  Dante says both Olivia and Steve’ prints were on the wrench, but they admit having used it to fix the engine.  Dante mentions Robin’s hair being on the wrench. Mac says Lisa’s hair was found on the first lieutenant.  Mac wonders where Matt’s been and Maxie tells him to own up.  Spinelli tells them to start eliminating suspects, starting with Maxie, who couldn’t be the killer.  Maxie points out that there are professional killers on board, which doesn’t sit well with Anthony. He points out that they’re all capable of violence and all have dark secrets. 

Mac thanks them all for coming. He says he’ll make an arrest after analyzing the final evidence.  Everyone wonders about that. He says someone left something on board.  All the suspects head out.  Ronnie thinks it was a waste of time. However, Mac says he wanted to see how everyone would react when all together.  Dante admits Delores’ idea of a new piece of evidence was a good one. 

Spinelli takes Maxie back to Crimson. He assures her that he knows she didn’t kill Lisa.  Maxie leaves another message for Matt to call her, so they can discuss what’s happened.

Johnny thinks Anthony drew attention to himself. He wonders why his father is wasting his time protecting him.  Anthony assures him he has everything under control.

Patrick wonders why Robin went back to the hospital, instead of home. He is upset with Mac, but Robin feels Mac is doing his job, while trying to protect her at the same time.  She jokes about Patrick needing to keep Emma in check as she gets older. He wonders why she worded it that way, she’ll be there too. 

Sam ponders watching the DVD and then later cries on the couch. 

Someone comes back onto the boat, to look for the new found evidence.  Dante turns on the lights and sees Olivia.