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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Cane And Mama Atkinson Bond


Cane/Genevieve/Lily: The Ashbys go Christmas tree hunting where they bump into Genaura, who looks a bit distressed. Cane figures out it is his late sister Samantha's birthday. Mama Atkinson extends an invitation to her son and daughter-in-law to come by her place, but Cane shoots it down. Later on, Lily persuades Cane to spend time with his mother and the two head off with the twins in tow. Cane is shocked when he sees that his mother saved a few childhood keepsakes. Later, Genevieve gives Cane a picture of Samantha and himself together which moves him.

Avery: She tells Sharon she is involved with Nick.

Phyllis: Big Red asks Billy for a job at Restless Style. Later, Phyllis thinks about her relationship with Avery.

Nikki: The socialite and ex-daughter-in-law Sharon get into a nasty fight while Nikki's drunk. Nikki attempts to combat her drinking.

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Ronan: He and Phyllis get their hands on a shocking video.

Neil and Sofia: The two go on a date, where Sofia wants to talk about the wedding. Neil suggest the two get hitched that day! Sofia is stunned and hurt by Neil's idea. She wanted a real wedding and not a last minute, spur of the moment affair. Sofia agrees to Neil's idea, but she starts to wonder if she's making the right choice. Meanwhile, Tucker knows Sofia is a bit out of her element. He wants to know if she is sure she wants to go through with the quasi shot gun wedding. She tells her mentor she's fine and proceeds with things. Later, Neil and Devon have a heart-to-heart, after he tells his son about the wedding. Devon is a bit bothered by what is going on, but doesn't want to rain on Neil's parade and keeps quiet.

Lily has a talk with Sofia and lets her know Neil wouldn't go through with something serious as marriage, unless he was extremely sure. The Winters family and friends get together for the ceremony, minus Devon. The wannabe music mogul, who is also Neil's best man, is unable to attend the affair. Lily recommends Cane for the job and Neil agrees. During the Cane and Lily's wedding toast, Neil starts to think of Drucilla and becomes a bit introverted. Tucker and Devon arrive at the festivities to congratulate Neil and Sofia, where the bride discovers her groom is missing....

Patty/Jack/Genevieve: Old Smilin' Jack pops the question to the former mob moll. When Patty cake learns of their engagement she starts to lose her grip on reality.

Kevin/Chloe: The two's wedding has a surprising outcome.

Adam/Nick: The Newman brothers have a heated showdown at a Newman Enterprises board meeting.

Sharon: She tries to derail Victor's plan (girl sit down!).