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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante wonders if Olivia’s looking for her necklace, which he has in an evidence bag.  She claims she lost it while working on the boat engine.  He points out it was found on deck. Olivia explains that she got sick from the engine fumes, headed out to the deck to heave and must have dropped it then. 

Delores shows up, accusing Olivia of killing Lisa because of her relationship with Steven.  Olivia denies it, so Delores tosses the blame on Steve’ shoulders. However, Olivia announces Steve wouldn’t lie or cover up for her.  Delores questions why Olivia is only coming to get the necklace now. Olivia says being back on the boat triggered the memory.  Dante tells her the necklace is going into evidence. Olivia warns Delores away from Dante, before heading out.

Ethan meets with Alexis to ask for the caretaker job at Windemere.  She wonders about his job at the Star, but he explains Luke is gone again and he’s tired of the con game. Alexis asks if he thinks there’s treasure hidden in the tunnels. Ethan jokingly tells her he’ll split it if there is.  Alexis tells him the job is his and hopes he finds what he’s looking for.  Later on he finds a message in the dust, from the lady in white. 

Michael thinks Jason is angry about Franco, in relation to his own rape in prison.  He says he understands Jason’s need to protect him.  Jason’s happy with the way Michael has taken control of his life and stopped fighting.  Michael credits Abby for helping him and explains how he turned to Tracy to get Abby out of town.  Jason tells him not to play the hero. 

Alexis shows up and sends Michael home.  She tells Jason he won’t be getting out soon. He gets angry because he needs to get out and get Franco, before Sam makes him pay.  Alexis says she can’t help him if he doesn’t tell her the full story. Jason tells her a part of the story, that Franco had cameras on them in Hawaii.  Alexis promises to do what she can to get him out.   

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Sam tearfully curses out Franco.  Sam grabs the DVD and her gun and is heading out, as Michael comes home.  He stops her from leaving, telling her that it’s not what Jason wants. He again mentions his rape and how he thinks that’s what’s making Jason angry.  Michael explains what happened with Floyd . Jason doesn’t want her down at the PCPD.  Michael is concerned at the amount of rage Jason showed. He asks if Jason’s had an exam since being out of the hospital and Sam admits he hasn’t.

Maggie and Steve discuss Lisa’ murder. Steve admits no one is sad to see Lisa dead, since she was a sick person.  Maggie points out anyone is capable of anything.  Talk turns to Robin and how she’s been relieved of her duties as chief.  Maggie understands the hospital’s position even though Steven vouches for Robin.  

Maggie walks into the conference room, only to find Robin crying. She quickly apologizes and walks away.  Robin follows her out and apologizes, saying she’s been dealing with a lot.  Maggie jokes that if Robin was a kid, she’d give her a lollypop, like she gave Emma.  Robin’s surprised to hear Maggie met Emma. Maggie apologizes for calling Robin a battle ax, something else Robin was unaware of.  Maggie gives Robin a lollypop, which makes Robin smile. 

Kate and Sonny sit in a park in their old neighborhood. She admits to feeling badly about how she treated her parents when she took off.   A former neighbor catches them and questions why Kate would be hanging out with trash like Sonny.  She remembers Sonny and knows who he’s become and she’s heard about Kate’s shooting.  Kate accuses her of being rude and says she can do whatever she wants.  After the neighbor leaves, Sonny points out that he is a criminal and Kate wonders if he wants to break up with her.  Sonny says he’s too selfish to walk away from her and won’t let someone else tell them what to do.  They kiss.

Back at the PCPD, Dante checks his drawer for the evidence key. He asks Delores about it. She claims to not know where it is, despite her hiding it in her hand.  She drops it on the floor than pretends to find it and pick it up.

Floyd runs into Alexis, congratulates her on Kristina getting into Yale. She lets her know that he knows she’s working for Sonny again.  He says it would make a great front page story and wonders what Kris’ classmates would think.  Floyd asks Alexis out on a date, but Alexis says she’s spoken for with Mac.  Floyd finds it interesting, a police commissioner and a mob piece and talks about another news story. 

Michael gets a call from Abby and the two talk about how she’s been and Christmas plans.  There’s a loud sound, like a gunshot and the line goes dead while Michael calls out Abby’s name.

Robin shows up at the PCPD to ask Jason for help.