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DISGUSTING: SOAPnet to Feature Marathon of The Chew This Weekend

You'd think Disney-ABC would have the decency not to use the channel that once served as its soap opera hub to promote one of the shows that killed a soap. No such luck. As All My Children fans gear up for their first Christmas without the denizens of Pine Valley since 1970, SOAPnet will be airing "The Chew's Countdown to Christmas" marathon Dec. 17-18. I need an Antacid.


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In other soapNOT marathon news, the cabler will feature The O.C's always fun (That isn't sarcasm. I love The O.C.!) "Chrismukkah" episodes on Christmas Day, and will actually throw One Life to Live a wormy, chewed over bone with a 14-episode marathon on New Year's Day. Well, isn't that big of them? I hope Santa leaves several Disney execs lumps of coal in their thongs, er stockings this year.