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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin tells Jason she needs him to help her disappear. She swears she’s doing it for Patrick and Emma.  Robin says she thought things would be better with Lisa dead and that Patrick will blame himself.   Jason starts hearing Sam’s voice and begins to zone out. 

Robin snaps him out of it. She asks if he’s been having headaches.  Jason says he got distracted,  he gets angry and can’t control it.  Robin says the same thing happened the night Lisa died. She explains what happened on the boat.  She admits she wanted to kill Lisa and Jason asks if she did and if she needs him to clean up something. 

Robin says she knew it was important to take her medications. Jason asks what her viral load is now.  Robin explains that the meds haven’t worked for months. She thinks Lisa replaced them with placebos and she’s been building a resistance to the drugs.  Jason asks about a new prescription. Robin says they aren’t working.  She says she’ll be starting the slow decline of getting weaker. Stone told her once he’d accepted it, it was peaceful.

Michael explains to Sam about hearing a loud crash on the call with Abby. He tries to reach her again but isn’t successful.  Sam assures him he’s overreacting, but calls various hospital in search of her.  While on the phone, Sam knocks the DVD case onto the floor. The DVD falls out and she doesn’t see it. Michael gets a call that Abby was injured, near a construction site, and has been taken to a local hospital.  He and Sam leave for Chicago. 

Lucky wonders why Liz checked herself into Shadybrook.  She says she has issues to deal with. Namely her addiction to him.  Lucky is sure it will do her some good and give her a chance to heal. However, she wonders when she decided to do this.  Liz accuses him of calling her a manipulator. She wonders if he even cares about her.  Lucky says he does and always will, but he needs to figure out who he is.  Liz says he can’t just stop loving her and the boys.  He tells her she’s trying to hold onto something. Liz absolves him of any obligation to his family. 

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Lucky assures her that he can be a better father to the boys and will take care of them.  Liz feels she can take of them herself. She has Steve, her grandmother, Lulu and she snarks that maybe she can ask Luke to babysit.  Lucky tells her she doesn’t want him, just the idea of him. Liz claims she’ll be fine once she gets over him and yells at him to get out.  Lucky says he’ll check on her in a couple of days and that the boys will be fine with him.  Later on he spends quality time with Aiden, while Liz wanders the halls. She finds some man painting in one of the rooms. 

Maxie wants to know where Matt’s been and what he’s doing.  She accuses him of cheating on her.  Matt says he was busy trying to save a life and that he performed his procedure.  He asks her to trust him. It had nothing to do with Lisa’s murder. It involves an important person.    He tells her that if the procedure worked, he’ll be even more important for her Crimson article. 

Maggie catches Patrick ordering a toy for Emma from a catalogue. She points him in a different direction.  Patrick then asks for her help in finding a gift for Robin, saying he’s used up all his good ideas on her birthday.  Maggie says her original opinion of Robin has changed. She comments about giving her a lollypop when she was crying.  Patrick questions why Robin was crying.   

Dante’s forced to listen as Delores talks to her husband on the phone.  After, she explains to him the husband works construction in another town and they don’t see each other very much.  Dante says they got results of some blood they found.  Anthony shows up, having been summoned.  Dante tells Anthony that his blood was found on the deck of the boat, on the night of the murder and wonders how it got there if Anthony wasn’t on the boat as he claims.  Anthony says he donated blood and then banked it for Lisa, who probably had it on her. 

Delores figures this sends Anthony up to the top of the suspect list.  Anthony decides it’s time to call his lawyer.  Dante gets a text, supposedly from the killer, confessing to the murder. Delores and Dante head over to the boat, only to find someone dead. 

Robin tells Jason she’s been working too much and not taking time for her family.  Jason says she can’t be sure she’s dying and wonders how Patrick feels.  Robin says she hasn’t told Patrick, because he’ll want her to try new meds and hold out hope.  Jason asks what her doctors are telling her. Robin says they talk of options which she hates. 

She says how good Alan was with Stone after his diagnosis. Jason recounts how he didn’t understand her sadness at the time. Jason wonders why she’d want Patrick and Emma to feel sadness sooner than later.  Robin says it’s easier to lose someone suddenly than to watch him die.  She mentions Jake and how horrible it was for him to die that way. However, it would have been worse if he’d suffered an illness.  Jason says he would have wanted to say goodbye. 

Robin says she’s going to have a great Christmas with her family. Then she wants him to send her somewhere no one can find her.  Jason pleads with her not to ask him to do this.  Robin says he’s the only person who can understand and she needs his help.  Jason tells her he can’t.