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General Hosptial: Perkie's Observations

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Matt runs into Lucky at the hospital and rips him for his latest treatment of Elizabeth.  Matt calls himself centered and obtuse.  Lucky wonders why it’s any of Matt’s business. He asks whether Matt has feelings for Liz.  Matt says Liz is his friend and it’s hard to find a woman like her.  Lucky asks what Matt wants from him. Matt tells him to stop using Liz as an emotional punching bag.  Lucky warns him that rescuing Liz is a full time job. 

Liz watches the man painting and then goes to leave. However, he asks her to come in and join him.  The two make small talk.  He asks about kids. Liz admits to having two, but when pressed, tells him she lost a child.  She tells him she used to paint, but has no time.  He tells her to make the time.  Liz mentions nearly drowning, but was saved, as Matt arrives. 

Matt wonders why she would check herself into Shadybrook and why she didn’t talk to him first.  Liz says she spoke with Lucky and was done talking.  Matt questions her talking to the painter. He thinks she’s trying to guilt Lucky.  Liz is not happy to have someone else call her a manipulator.  Matt says Lucky doesn’t deserve her. He’s concerned about her. 

Patrick questions Maggie about Robin crying. She’s sure Robin was just having a bad night and that it was likely patient related, since Robin was reading test results.  Patrick tries to reach Robin by phone but isn’t successful and continues to worry.  Maggie thinks maybe being a murder suspect is why Robin was upset. 

Jason says he wants to help, but that disappearing would not be fair to anyone.  Robin feels it would be best for her family. She and Patrick were supposed to grow old together, but she knows what’s coming.  Jason begs her not to leave. He says there’s always hope and that she’s not giving her new meds a chance to work.  Jason says Patrick deserves to know. Robin turns it around on him, asking if Sam was ravaged with sickness, would he want to watch her die.  Jason says he would want to be there with her.

Jason tells her that Patrick will blame himself. He insists she can’t do this by herself and that leaving is not the solution.  Robin explains that she was older than Emma when she lost her parents, but she has memories of them.  Jason tells her she’ll be taking away Emma’s memories. However, Robin wants Emma to remember the good times only.  Robin doesn’t want Emma to see her sick. She plans to make Christmas extra special as a last memory for Patrick and Emma. 

Jason reminds her about a night on the bridge when they both thought it was the end, but then they chose not to jump. Now they have so much in their lives.  He tells Robin it’s too soon to jump.  Robin asks if he’s the one who donated the money to rebuild the bridge. He admits that he did.  Jason tells her what he learned from her changed his life.  Robin assures him they will always be friends. She respects his decision, but asks him not tell Patrick what’s going on. 

Michael and Sam are on a flight to Chicago.  Michael’s worried about Abby. He says it’s his fault because he sent her away for her protection.  He doesn’t want to lose her. Michael says he doesn’t know what he’ll do if something bad has happened. He figures he’ll lose it, like Jason did. He wonders if Jason’s rage is because of the surgery. 

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Shawn’s trying to get a chatty Josslyn to sleep, when Carly checks in on them and accuses Shawn of avoiding her.  Shawn tells her that Jason was arrested for going off on Floyd and Carly isn’t too worried, figuring Alexis will get him out.  Shawn says Jason got very angry, so Carly decides to go down to see him. 

Carly shows up at the PCPD and is angry to see Robin there and accuses her of wasting Jason’s time with her problems.  Carly snarks that Franco is back and Robin says she’s aware.  The two argue back and forth until Jason loses it and screams at them to shut up.  Both girls are stunned into silence.  Seriously!  Carly was actually speechless for about a nano second. 

Robin wonders about Jason, who assures her he’s fine, and that he has a lot going on.  She asks if he’s had other symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches and whether he’s been back for a checkup.  Jason says he’s been busy.  Carly tells him to get a checkup. Robin agrees with her, telling him to call Patrick. 

After Robin leaves, Carly wonders why Jason got so angry. She and Robin always go a couple of rounds.  Jason says that he asked her not to start and she did.  Carly says she’s worried about him. He doesn’t usually react the way that he did.  Jason claims he’s fine. Alexis is working on getting him released.  Carly reminds him that Franco is obsessed with Josslyn. She questions why Sam isn’t there with him.  Jason says he wants Sam to stay at the penthouse with Michael.  Carly’s not happy to hear Michael’s in this mess. 

Maggie gives Aiden a clean bill of health. She and Lucky discuss how he came to know Aiden was sick.  Lucky’s starting to think he imagined the whole thing. However, some things can’t be explained.  Maggie talks about a patient she lost and how she still thinks about him.  She says the people who are gone are always still around us. 

When Robin gets back to the hospital, Patrick asks her about the crying and the test results.  Robin says she’s not okay and that she’d do anything for him. However, before she has a chance to say anything else, he gets paged and needs to leave. 

Lucky leaves with Aiden. 

Liz goes back and watches the painter through the window. 

Carly lets herself into the penthouse, looking for Sam. She completely misses the shiny DVD on the floor.

Jason remembers all the Franco memories and looks sad or constipated, depending on how you see it.