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One Life To Live's Ilene Kristen Sounds Off on Failed Prospect Park Deal

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One Life To Live funny gal Ilene Kristen doesn't mesh words about Prospect Park's botched deal to relocate the fictional citizens of Llanview and Pine Valley to the web. Kristen spoke with TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan about the whole catastrophy, as well as her fun, final storyline for OLTL revolving around the demise of soap-within-a-soap Fraternity Row.


TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of master plans, what's your take on the Prospect Park fiasco?

Kristen: Did they have a master plan? Why would they start a project to save the soaps and then have it fizzle out like that? When Prospect Park said they weren't continuing with All My Children, I absolutely assumed it was because they wanted to put all their eggs in one basket with OLTL. Not that I wanted to see AMC die. But who thought this would happen?

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