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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny and Kate have the exact same conversation they’ve had for the past two months, while sitting on the stoop of the old house. The house should have been bulldozed twenty years ago.  After Deke, they have the “we made out” part of the conversation, Sonny asks her to spend Christmas with him, but she’s not sure.  After he leaves, she calls someone to do her a favor, while looking at the house in disgust.  

Alexis lets Jason know she got him released, but warns him not to go and kill Franco since it would be bad for his marriage.  Jason says he’s already failed Sam. Alexis wonders what that means and demands he tell her.  Floyd decides this is a good time to get another beating and comes in to taunt Jason some more.  Alexis says he’s doing it on purpose, trying to provoke Jason.  She yells at Jason to leave and shoves Floyd out of the way.

Carly finds the DVD on the floor of the penthouse and in a moment of true willpower, does not watch it, but heads down to the PCPD to give it to Jason.  She tells him that Michael and Sam were not at the penthouse, but gives him the DVD.  Then she checks her messages from Michael telling her they’ve gone to find Abby.  Jason’s glad Sam’s being kept busy.  Carly tells him to count to ten before doing anything and she’ll be there for him.  Jason leaves Robin a voice message saying he’ll be there for her. 

Lulu shows up at Crimson wanting more advice from Maxie. Maxie tells her to make up her mind and make up with Dante. Lulu reminds her of her fear of the job. However, Maxie points out that all Lulu talks about is Dante and that he followed her to the ends of the earth.  Lulu says she gave back the ring, but Maxie tells her to get it back because Dante has his limits.  Maxie gets a call to meet Anthony and asks Lulu to cover for her, until she gets back.  Lulu goes into Kate’s office and pours herself a drink. 

Mac reads the text from first mate Briggs, who claims to have been having an affair with the captain. She claims she found him dead at Lisa’s hand, killed Lisa and tossed her overboard.  Mac claims the case closed, which is fine with Dante, but not Delores. She finds it all rather convenient. 

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Michael and Sam look for Abby in the hospital room they’re told to go to, which turns out to be the morgue.  Way to be sensitive there, hospital staffer.  Apparently the morgue in Chicago is a place where random people can just walk in and look at dead people under tarps, because that’s how Michael finds Abby’s dead body.  Sam talks to invisible staff and is told everything was done to save Abby. 

Michael blames himself for having her sent to Chicago and for distracting her while on the phone with her.  He wonders what if, but Sam points out that there are thousands of what ifs. He can’t blame himself.  He’s especially sad that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. 

Robin lets Patrick know about Jason and his attack on Floyd.  Patrick’s not happy Robin went to see Jason in lockup, but Robin reminds him he can’t pick and choose her friends.  She says she’s worried. She thinks there might have been complications with the surgery, which Patrick immediately defends.  He swears nothing went wrong, but Robin says she doesn’t doubt him despite his arrogance and ego.  Patrick backs down and offers to take a look at Jason’s file, but if he doesn’t come in, there’s not much Patrick can do. 

Maxie meets with Anthony, who explains about the first officer killing herself after confessing.  At first, Maxie doesn’t realize Anthony did this and figures she’s off the hook, but he tells her he handled her problem like she asked.  She says they’re now even, but Anthony’s not letting her off the hook that easily. He points out that while the police might think they have their killer, the murderer is still out there. 

Mac tells Alexis that he knows Floyd tried to pressure her and that she said she and Mac were an item.  He agrees to help her out, by playing along, since he doesn’t want things to get worst for her.

Lulu shows up at the PCPD and asks Dante if he still has the ring.

Jason gets home and watches the DVD.  Franco congratulates him, saying they achieved conception together and says he’s going to be a daddy.