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Have a One Life to Live Marathon on New Year's Day!

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Need a way to recover from holiday drama and chaos of family and friends? Settle in at home and get ready for a 14-HOUR marathon of One Life to Live on SOAPnet Jan. 1! Starting at 10 am EST, watch some of OLTL's memorable episodes before it leaves the airwaves on Jan. 13. Check out the episodes slated to air after the jump!

10 am EST- Original airdate: March 6, 1979: Karen Woleck admits in court she is a prostitue.

11 am EST-  Original airdate: March 9, 1987:  Tina's boat goes over the Iguazu Falls.

12 pm EST- Original airdate:  May 13, 1988: Clint and the residents of Llanview head back in the time of the Old West.

1 pm EST- Original airdate:  Feb. 7, 1992: Megan dies in Jake's arms.

2 pm  EST- Original airdate: July 15, 1993: One Life To Live celebrates their 25th Anniversary. Viki and Dorian being locked together in a secret room as Tina sits vigil by Cord's bedside in the hospital.

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3 pm EST- Original airdate: November 28, 1994: Viki walks in on Dorian and Joey in bed on her wedding day!

4 pm EST- Original airdate: Nov.14, 1995:  Todd and Blair throw a private wedding reception for themselves.

5 pm EST- Original airdate:Original airdate: From Dec. 8, 1995: Viki realizes her alter Tori killed her father Victor, as Dorian is arrested for the murder.

6 pm EST- Original airdate: From Nov. 16, 2001: Asa's ex-wives attend his funeral and newfound Buchanan heiress Natalie crashes the service.

7 pm EST- Original airdate:From May 14, 2002: One Live To Live airs live. Blair and Todd have a showdown over his lies about baby Jack being dead.

8 pm  EST- Original airdate: From Aug.22, 2005: Jess tries in vein to convince Nash she isn't Tess. Tess decides to come out and play.

9 pm  EST- Original airdate:From May 29, 2006: Todd is strapped to the executioner's table as John races against the clock to stop Todd's sentence from being carried out.

10 pm EST- Original airdate: Nov. 10, 2008: Starr gives birth to Hope and Marty learns Todd raped her.

11 pm  EST- Original airdate: June 7, 2010: Bo and Nora get married for the second time.