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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky asks for Maxie’s help in decorating Liz’s house, so the boys can have a decent Christmas.  Maxie’s all for it, since she wants Liz back with Lucky and away from Matt.  Lucky assures Maxie that Liz is too busy trying to heal from everything he’s done to her, to be focusing on Matt.

Liz goes back to see the painter. She says she feels like they’ve met before, because he seems awfully familiar.  He introduces himself to her as Ewan.  She goes to look at what he’s painting, but he quickly covers it up.

Dante wonders why Lulu’s asking about the ring. She says she was wrong and made a mistake.  Lulu says she’s worried about losing him and she lost sight of what she had.  She wants to be in his life, wants to spend the rest of her life with him and asks him to marry her.  Dante wants a life with her, but says he can’t put the ring on her finger. 

While Dante’s distracted, Delores grabs the evidence key again and heads over to the room.  Johnny stops her, saying he wants his shirt back.  Delores tells him the case has been closed. The clothes, evidence, will be sent back in the next few days.  Johnny is sure that he’s going to wear her down and asks again that she call him by his first name.  As he’s leaving, Johnny says he won’t tell anyone she was trying to sneak into the evidence room. 

Michael feels he needs to be strong. Sam tells him it’s okay to be upset and to let it out so it, doesn’t eat at him.  Michael feels he’s always hurting people, like his father. Sam assures him that he’s nothing like Sonny.  Michael decides he needs to let Abby’s family know. 

Spinelli comes home, to find the penthouse in shambles.  Jason says he got angry and he doesn’t know what’s happening to him or why he’s losing control.  He explains that’s how he met Sonny, but he’s trained himself not to get emotional. He doesn’t know why he jumped the mayor, thereby leaving Sam alone and unprotected. 

Spinelli tells him to retrace his step and asks when it all started.  Jason says it was in Hawaii after Franco showed up, so Spin figures Franco is the trigger and that maybe Franco has found Jason’s weakness and is pushing his buttons and that Jason is likely more vulnerable now that he’s married. 

Jason apologizes for unloading on Spinelli. He reassures him that friendship allows them to confide and forgive.  Jason says Spin is a good friend and that he trusts him, but just doesn’t trust himself. 

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Matt finds Liz with Ewan and wonders why she’s spending time with him.  He brought her a picture of her boys, which she forgot at the hospital.  Liz asks what’s wrong. Matt says he just killed someone.  Liz assumes it was self defense, but Matt says he’s not talking about Lisa. He explains about the first officer being guilty.  Liz is glad it was no one they knew.  Matt explains that he was called in to help a VIP patient, with an inoperable tumor. However, the treatment didn’t work.  Liz points out that the patient was too far gone and that the research isn’t wrong. 

Ethan stops by to see Lucky, who tells him about Liz being in Shadybrook.  Ethan wonders if he’s playing Mr. Mom. However, Lucky says he can’t leave the boys while Liz is gone.  They talk about Ireland. Lucky thinks he imagined it all.  Lucky says Liz wants them back as a couple. Ethan warns him that they don’t work as a couple and he’ll end up compromising.  Ethan waxes poetic about surprises in life. Lucky wonders what’s going on, but Ethan decides he needs to go.  Lucky thanks Maxie for decorating, which she was happy to do since it reminded her of Christmas with Georgie. 

Ethan goes to Windemere and leaves a box for the lady in white. She opens it to find food and a note from Ethan that says, “don’t be afraid.” 

Michael calls Abby’s mom, who doesn’t care that her daughter is dead. She thinks Michael’s hitting her up for money for the funeral.  Sam assures him they’ll take care of all the arrangements. 

Ewan listens, as Liz tells Matt he is being too hard on himself. He isn’t a miracle worker.  Liz says she’s appreciating the rest. Matt feels she needs time and distance from Lucky and that she’s better off without him. Matt thinks Liz is sounding very sane. She says she needs to work harder to be convincing. Matt asks if it’s all an act for Lucky. Liz wonders what if it is.  Lucky shows up. 

Dante wants to be sure that it’s for real this time. Lulu swears she’ll wear the ring forever.  Dante puts the ring on her finger. They kiss and he announces to the department that they’re getting married. 

Sam calls Jason and lets him know what happened with Abby and that Michael is pretty distraught.  Jason says he’ll take the next flight out to join them.  Monica shows up and says Robin told her that Jason was arrested.  She’s worried he’s missed his check up.  Jason says he’s been busy.  Monica says it’s important, that the bouts of anger are not him.  Jason angrily tells her to leave it alone.  She gives him the number of a specialist and begs him to make an appointment. 

Sam tells Michael that Jason is on his way.  Michael complains that so many people are ready to help him, but Abby’s mother doesn’t care.  He doesn’t understand how someone can turn their back on their child, no matter how horrible the father may have been.  Michael says his mother never turned her back on him.  Sam starts crying. Michael realizes that he’s not the only person on the planet. 

Michael asks what’s going on.  Sam says she wanted to help all the abused women, because she couldn’t help herself.  Michael asks who hurt her.  Sam says when they were in Hawaii, that Franco raped her.