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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Learns The Truth!

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Victor/Nikki/Deacon:  Victoria tells Nikki she didn't kill her stepmother, leading Nikki to figure out Deacon pulled a fast one on her. The women head to the court house, realizing Victor is being sentenced. Just as the judge gives Victor life in prison, Nikki blurts out she iced Diane! Victor says Nikki is drunk and trying to protect him. The judge buys what Victor is saying and continues to sentence Victor. He also has Nikki jailed for contempt of court!

Nikki begins to sober up while in jail. Victoria and Nick visit their mom and ask if she did in fact kill Diane. Nikki says she can't remember. Once Nikki is sprung, she heads over to see Victor and confesses Deacon blackmailed her into marriage. She vows to get the real story from Deacon. Later, Nikki discovers Deacon wasn't near the park when Diane was killed. Even though Deacon forced Nikki into wedded bliss, he cares for her and is desperate to hold onto their marriage. Nikki decides to flip the script on Deacon. Nikki's snooping gains the attention of Diane's real killer, putting her in jeopardy.

Victor: He does the unthinkable and gets hitched to a Genoa City woman you would NEVER believe.

Adam/Nick: The Newman Enterprises board of directors must decide which of Victor's sons will run his empire. The vote is deadlocked, until Tucker shocks everyone by voting for Adam. The younger Newman scion is ecstatic to once again be running the family business, however he doesn't  realize his dad is still secretly calling the shots.

Adam/Sharon: The two wind up in bed.

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