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Will Martha Byrne's Alexis Jordan Retain The Title of H.B.I.C. on Anacostia?

Alexis Jordan (Martha Byrne) has grown weary of dealing with inept, lower level madams on this week's installment of Anthony Anderson's Anacostia. The question is, will Lexie be able to get rid of Dominique (Pasha Diallo), before Dom and her henchmen can dig up enough dirt to oust the Beltway Madam?


Elsewhere in town, Sean (Anderson) is worried about having kissed an old flame, as he prepares to wed his back-from-the-dead lover. Tortured, ex-supermodel Nicole (Kena Hodges) is on the brink of falling off the wagon, while another Anacostian familiar with substance abuse drama, Salina (Chante Bowser), is dealing with a hellacious community service stint. Then there's the black Karen Fairgate of the D.C. area, aka Mia (Tamieka Chavis), who snaps on a nasty neighbor as she awaits the results of her biopsy. Check out the latest, sudsy episode of Anacostia after the jump!

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