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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Skate return to the house, on the premise that Kate dropped something when they were there before. However, when they go inside, Kate actually had the place decorated for Christmas. She wants to give Sonny the Christmas he never had.   Her gift to him is a trombone, something he always wanted as a child.  He tries to play it, but isn’t successful.  The two share a kiss under mistletoe

Sonny thanks her for chasing his ghosts away.  She tells him they should turn this old house into a shelter for abused mothers and children. She reveals she’s contacted people who are ready to get started.  Sonny thanks her for helping him move forward. It feels good not to be afraid of the darkness.  As the two hug, he sees mini Sonny in the corner, but when he looks again he is gone.  Later, Kate wonders if he’d had a halfway house to go to, would he have made different life choices?  The two have a snow ball fight before heading off. 

Robin tells Patrick she needs to go away, to an HIV conference, and explains about a patient whose drug protocol is not working.  Patrick assures her they have lots of time to catch up, from when she was so busy running the hospital.

Shawn reminds Jason of a meeting that night. Jason tells him about Abby and needing to go be with Michael and Sam.  Shawn assures him he can take care of the meeting and deal with things himself.  Carly shows up. She is still concerned about Jason and wonders what was on the DVD.  Jason tells her he has things to deal with and a plane to catch. He advises her to listen to Shawn.  Geez Jason, do you think you could have told Carly that her son’s girlfriend just died?

Sam explains to Michael she’s dealing with what happened.  Michael asks if she’s spoken to a professional. She shouldn’t avoid facing what happened.  Sam just wants to deal with Abby’s funeral, but Michael says running isn’t the answer.

Sam is sure she’ll be okay, their situations are different.  Michael says the pain is the same. He spent months alone, covering it up and not talking about it.  Sam feels she needs to figure out how to survive, but she’ll never be the same.  Michael wants to help and says she can trust him. 

Sam explains what happened in Hawaii, the drugged beer and falling in the shower.  She tells Michael that Jason watched and she did nothing to stop Franco.  Michael tells her she can’t blame herself.  Sam says she had the perfect wedding and honeymoon. Franco took it all away from her. 

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Matt’s angry with Lucky, for not seeing the signs that something was off with Liz. However, Lucky doesn’t care what Matt thinks.  Lucky tells Liz he wants her to come home and spend the holidays with the boys, as a family.  Liz is all for it, knowing this would have been a hard Christmas. Matt thinks it’s a terrible idea, accusing Lucky of dumping his kids to run off to Ireland.

Lucky says he was honoring Siobhan’s last wish. Matt points out Lucky wasn’t at her bedside either.  Liz sends Matt off and apologizes to Lucky.  She says this is the best gift she could have gotten. The boys will be thrilled.  Lucky says he has some things to do, then will be back to take her home. 

Liz heads into Ewan’s empty room. She tries to see the canvas again. He catches her and isn’t happy.  He says he overheard the conversation with Lucky. He feels she’s making a mistake, leaving too soon and for the wrong reason.  Liz tells him he knows nothing of her life and storms off. 

Robin and Patrick are still talking about her patient, when Matt returns. He tries to grab the chart from her, to see who the patient is.  Robin gets angry. Patrick wonders what Matt’s problem is.  Matt natters on about women not listening to him, trial patients dying and wonders what the point of failure is.

Robin tells Matt doctors are the last line of defense. They have to build on their failures and stand on the shoulders of the doctors who came before them, like his father.  She says they can’t advance without trial and error. She says she’s a living example of all the HIV/Aids research has done.  Robin says if they give up, how can they expect their patients to believe in them?

After she stalks off, Patrick asks Matt what’s going on. He explains his annoyance with Liz manipulating Lucky.  Patrick points out it isn’t his business. Matt says Liz is a friend and what she and Lucky have is a twisted kind of love, like Lisa.  Patrick asks his brother not to say Lisa’s name anymore. Matt confesses that he was starting to think that Patrick or Robin were the ones who had killed her. 

Shawn and Bernie show up at the restaurant, only to be shot at by a couple of masked guys.  Shawn calls the paramedics for Bernie and then dissolves into a corner because of his PTSD.  Carly shows up and finds Bernie first, who says that Shawn saved him.  Carly finds Shawn in the corner.  

Lucky returns to pick up Liz, who stops by Ewan’s room again. She discovers it’s been turned into an office. Ewan shows up and introduces himself to Lucky as a doctor. He reveals he was assigned to Liz, but didn’t get a chance to work with her.  He offers Liz some outpatient counseling.  When Liz gets home, she’s thrilled at all the decorations Lucky has put together and he looks less than thrilled. 

Jason arrives and overhears Michael tell Sam that he had Abby to help him deal with what happened to him and she needs to let Jason help her.  Sam says she wants to confide in Jason, but he’s so angry that he couldn’t protect her and blames himself.  Sam says she can’t talk to Jason because it will only make things worse.