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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny thanks Kate for helping him deal with his past.  They start to kiss. She says she feels like there’s a difference with him; the darkness is lifted.  They start to make love. 

Liz thanks Lucky for bringing her home to heal with her family and loves the decoration.  Lucky admits Maxie did them, because he wanted things to be special for the boys.  Liz asks him to stay the night.  They talk about the boys and how much Lucky has missed.  Liz again says spending Christmas as a family feels right.  Lucky has Cam’s wish list and says he’s going shopping and will be back later.

Jason continues to listen, as Sam admits she can’t talk to Jason because he feels guilty.  Michael offers to be there for her and that she can talk to him.  Jason shows up and offers his condolences about Abby.  Michael asks him not to tell Carly just yet. 

Jason tells Sam that he checked out the accident. It had nothing to do with Franco.  Sam wonders how he got released so quickly. Jason figures Alexis had something on the judge.  Sam says she was worried about him being in jail. Jason asks if she’s okay.  Sam says Abby was a good friend to her and didn’t deserve this. 

Carly tries to get through to Shawn, who brushes off her touch. He tells her to back off.  He tells her she needs to keep her distance when he’s like that. She says she doesn’t take orders.  Shawn says he needs to call Jason to let him know what happened. However, Carly wants to know what happened. He explains that it was an ambush.  Carly realizes that the gunfire reminded him of his father getting shot, but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Ronnie shows up at the crime scene, annoyed to find Carly and Shawn there.  Carly claims she came to see Sonny.  Shawn reacts to one of the officers, slamming the office door.  Shawn explains he happened to be there when two robbers showed up. He didn’t recognize them because they were wearing masks.  Ronnie tries to get more information, but another door slam sets off Shawn. Carly decides to take him to the hospital. 

Maxie’s trying to get Matt interested in a party. However, he’s got too much on his mind.  She’s happy that Lisa’s murder was solved and there’s no more investigation over their heads.  Matt’s annoyed about Liz. When he spots Ewan he questions why he’s at the hospital.  Ewan explains he’s actually a doctor and was supposed to be treating Liz.

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At the hospital, Shawn insists he doesn’t need to see a doctor, but Carly tells him he doesn’t have the PTSD under control. She talks about the dog he had in the war.  Ewan listens from the corner.  Shawn talks to Max, who says Bernie is in surgery, but should be fine, He thinks Sonny needs to be told what happened.  Shawn says the ambush was for Jason. 

Carly calls Jason and lets him know what happened.  Both Sam and Michael tell him to go back to Port Charles and deal with it, while they wait to take possession of Abby’s body.  After Jason leaves, Michael finds the datebook that Abby gave him. He talks about it and all the things he won’t be doing with her.  Sam offers to call Abby’s friends. 

Michael and Sam talk about Abby and all the things she wanted out of life.  Sam says Abby was happy with him.  Michael’s sorry he never had a chance to take her to all the places she wanted to go.  He suddenly decides he knows how she’d want to say goodbye. 

Matt lets Shawn know that Bernie’s surgery is pretty routine and he’ll be fine.  Carly wants to talk about the PTSD again, but then suddenly there’s a dog. Shawn immediately warms up to it.  Ewan slams down a binder. Shawn doesn’t flinch, because he’s so preoccupied with the dog.  Carly notices and comments to Ewan.  Ewan mentions the dog is in training, as a therapy for patients.  Ewan leaves Shawn with the dog. Carly points out that Shawn should look into getting one.  Shawn says the list of people in need is long and he doesn’t have insurance to cover the cost. 

Maxie drops by Liz’s house. Liz thanks her for the decorations, but Maxie’s upset that Liz manipulated Lucky. She says Liz had no right to play on Lucky’s love for his children.  Maxie’s angry that despite knowing Laura’s history, Liz checked herself into Shadybrook and waited for Lucky to come save her.  Liz isn’t happy with Maxie’s judgment.  Maxie’s accuses Liz of faking a breakdown, as Lucky returns from the store. 

Liz tries to deny Maxie’s allegations while Maxie continues to accuse her.   Lucky tells Maxie to leave and asks Liz if it’s true.  Liz claims that he can’t believe Maxie, because she’s jealous of Liz’ friendship with Matt.  Lucky asks for the truth. Liz says she checked herself in because the thought of losing him hurt so much. 

Liz says she can’t lose him again. She knows she’s made mistakes, but asks his forgiveness.  Lucky says he can’t do this anymore; he’s been pretending and trying to convince himself.  Liz says they always love each other and never give up.  Lucky says he’s sorry for making her believe, but it’s over.  He needs to get away from the house, it’s been a mistake.  Liz asks about the boys, and Lucky assures her he’ll be back for Christmas morning.  Liz begs him not to run away from her. 

Jason, who apparently took the Speed of Light flight back home, shows up at the restaurant. Ronnie is still investigating and wonders what happened.  Ronnie wants to know who would have motive, but Jason won’t say.  After Ronnie leaves, Max shows up and tells Jason that the Solitos were responsible.  Jason’s mad that he didn’t see it coming and blames himself. 

Sonny stops kissing Kate. He wonders if maybe they should take their time. Kate agrees that they need to see if this is where they want to head towards.  Sonny gets a call from Max, letting him know about the ambush. He decides to head back to Port Charles. 

Closing montage: A crying Liz looks at a picture of her and Lucky and takes the photo out of the frame.  Lucky gets to his apartment and finds a postcard from Ireland.  Sonny packs his bag and leaves as Kate angrily watches him go.  Michael has a bag of Abby’s stuff and cries.  Jason looks at the crime scene at the restaurant.