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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz finds Maxie at the hospital, smacks her in the face and tells her to stay the hell away from her.  Maxie claims she cares too much about Lucky to let Liz trick him into a reunion he doesn’t want.  Liz tells her to leave them all alone.  She says Maxie made a big enough mess. Maxie says Liz and Lucky are over, since Liz slept with Jason and Nikolas.  Maxie says she told Lucky the truth. However, Liz says Maxie wasn’t trying to protect Lucky, but was angry at Liz’ friendship with Matt.

Matt shows up and tries to break up the two.  Liz accuses Maxie of sabotaging her life. Maxie says Lucky overheard her saying Liz faked a breakdown.  Liz tells her to prove it.  Maxie admits that Matt told her.  Liz is upset with Matt for breaking her confidence, especially knowing how Maxie feels about her.  Matt admits to being upset at seeing her trying to guilt Lucky.  Liz says it sent her family crashing down.  Maxie tells her to go home and work on Lucky again, since she’s so good at the victim routine.

Liz says she won’t apologize for trying to hold her family together.  Matt comes to Liz’s defense, saying she nearly died.  Maxie says Liz slapped her and asks if Matt think she deserved it.  Matt explains that, as someone who didn’t have his father in his life, he understands Liz trying to keep her kids with their father.  Maxie tells Liz that she hopes someday, her kids ask Lucky why he left her, that Lucky tell them he couldn’t live with her. Matt’s upset by this, but Liz points out that it’s good for him to see just how vicious Maxie really is.

Lucky explains to Cameron that he won’t be with them for Christmas. He has to go away again.  Cam wonders why Lucky doesn’t stay and get back together with Liz.  Lucky tells him he’ll always love Cam and Aiden, but that he and Liz can’t be married.

Ethan shows up and isn’t surprised Lucky is leaving again. He says Lucky’s timing is bad.  Lucky says he needs to figure out what he wants and doesn’t want to stay and build Liz’s hopes up.  Ethan asks about Lulu. Lucky says Lulu’s busy with her engagement.  He tells Ethan a part of him knew Liz was faking the breakdown and that she wanted them back together.

Lucky asks Ethan to keep an eye on his boys and to let him know if they need him.  Lucky reminds him to be careful at Windemere. Ethan explains he’s now the caretaker and admits to there being a girl there who is a runaway.  Lucky asks what she’s told him and Ethan says she hasn’t spoken yet.  Lucky thinks he’s being conned and to watch out for Helena.  Lucky says Windemere has an ugly history.

Lulu and Dante end up in New York for a pre-wedding getaway.  The two decide to pay a visit to ground zero.  When they return to their hotel room, Dante points out that all the service people were doing a job they believe in. Lulu wonders if going there was a test to see how she would react.  Dante says it’s more that they died doing something that mattered. Lulu wonders if he thinks she’ll change her mind about marrying him.  Lulu says she wants to spend her life with him. Dante tells her they should get married now.

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Liz spots Ewan at the hospital and is surprised that he works there.  She says he misled her and manipulated her.  Ewan says she made assumptions and that she was assigned to him. She accuses him of using her past as an artist to try and get to her.  Ewan tells her that she could benefit from therapy. She says she doesn’t need a therapist and wouldn’t pick him if she did.  Cameron calls her to say that Lucky is getting ready to leave.

Maxie complains to Matt about his behavior.  He says she didn’t deserve to be slapped.  He asks about Christmas plans and tells her he wants to spend it with her.

Liz gets home to find Ethan babysitting, because Lucky has already left for the airport.  Liz is upset that he didn’t say goodbye.  Ethan tells her she doesn’t want Lucky to go through the motions, like Luke and Laura. Liz doesn’t believe she’ll end up losing her mind.  She asks Ethan to stay with the boys, because she has something she needs to do.

Liz gets back to the hospital. Maxie tells Matt to talk to her, but warns him Liz will only be trying to use him.  It turns out Liz is there to see Ewan and tells him she needs his help.

Sonny finds Jason at the restaurant.  Jason tells him Bernie will be okay, but takes the blame for what happened.  Sonny accuses him of being distracted and not paying attention.  Sonny says Jason needs to deal with the personal stuff or do his job, but not both. He needs to rely on Jason.  He tells Jason to shut down his emotions, but Jason yells that he can’t.  

Jason says he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He can’t control his temper. He feels the anger boiling.  Sonny says he needs to deal with whatever’s going on and asks who was responsible for the hit.  Jason mentions Gino Solito. Sonny acknowledges that Anthony and Gino were friends.  Jason figures if it was Anthony,  Johnny had no knowledge. Johnny doesn’t want a war.  Sonny says Anthony does. If the Zaccharas come at them, how long until they have the strength to fight.

Jason says he can try to take out Anthony, but has not idea of the result.  Sonny wonders if that’s because Jason can’t trust himself and tells him to get out of his head.  Jason yells at him that he can’t, that Sonny couldn’t’ when Jason told him to.

Sonny says he now understands what Jason had to deal with when he covered for him over and over again.  Sonny says he’s sorry he hurt so many people. He feels sorry for what happened with Robin in her house.  Jason says Robin came to see him at the PCPD.  Sonny wonders if she asked about him. Jason says Robin might soften towards him.  Sonny doesn’t want to get between Patrick and Robin since he knows that Patrick hates him.

Sonny says that despite everything, he’s still standing. He wants to help Jason and asks what’s going on.  Jason explains what happened in Hawaii, but doesn’t tell Sonny about the rape.  Sonny tells him not to crucify himself for what Franco did. He asks Jason to trust him to help.