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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lante arrive at the church, ready to get married. Lulu meets Dante’s cousin, Father Tommy.  Olivia shows up, having gotten only one hour’s notice.  She’s happy and mentions other family members who are coming.  Dante begs her to cancel them, only wanting her at the ceremony. 

Lulu gets into her dress.  Olivia gives Lulu her medallion on a blue string. It’s something old, borrowed and blue.  Olivia also has a bouquet for Lulu and the wedding march on her iPod.  Father Tommy begins the celebration.  Dante and Lulu recite their vows.  They’ve forgotten rings, but Olivia has some for them. 

Before Tommy pronounces them, Lulu says she has something to say.  Lulu says she didn’t believe good things could last. Everyone gets hurt and she was afraid.  But she couldn’t help falling in love with Dante. The fear is gone because of him. He’s everything she could ever want and that her love is for eternity.

Dante tells her that he believes in love at first sight, because he’s loved her from the moment he first saw her.  He says that he has everything he wants in front of him and will love her every day.  Tommy pronounces them husband and wife. The two kiss.  Olivia calls in the rest of the family, who were waiting outside. 

Liz is joking with Cam about Santa.  Cam yells that she’s lying, which is why dad left, just as Liz opens the door to find Ewan there.  Ewan tells Liz that Cameron is confused, upset and to give him time.  Liz is annoyed that he’s at her house.  He reminds her that she reached out to him.  Ewan says he’s not really the one she’s angry at. 

Ewan tells Liz to take her anger out on him and not the kids.  She asks if he’s going to bill her for this session.  He says he got her a gift. She wonders what kind of shrink gets his patient a gift.  He’s gotten her a canvas and some paints. He tells her to call him when she’s ready to talk. 

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Robin is on the phone with Brenda, thanking her for getting her the contact information for the doctor who will help her AIDS patient.  She and Patrick talk about Emma’s excitement of Christmas.  They agree to open one present each.  Patrick’s gift is the deed to property so they can build their dream house.  Robin is surprised to tears.  Her gift to Patrick is a new camcorder. 

Emma joins them, too excited to sleep.  Patrick takes video of Robin and Emma, surprised at how eager Robin is to be videotaped.  Emma puts out cookies for Santa. When they hear sleigh bells, Robin points to a red spot in the sky and says Santa is on his way. 

The Quartermaines are complaining as usual.  Monica asks if Jason called, worried about his rage episodes.  Edward mentions his last Christmas with Lila. She was going to get him monogrammed cuff links.  Monica says her last gift from Alan was a bracelet he was going to add to each year.  When the others leave, Tracy asks Alice to go on an errand to the jewelry store.

Later on, Tracy notices presents under the tree.  Edward gets his cuff links, Monica gets her bracelet.  They’re not sure who the gifts are from. Tracy smirks in the background.  She herself gets a gift. It’s an invitation to the New Year’s Eve Metro Court celebration and a diamond, with a note.  Alice tells Tracy that she wasn’t able to get the gifts because the jewelry store was closed by the time she got there. 

Sam and Jason talk about decorating their tree last year, but Jason doesn’t want to get one this year.  Jason gives her a small phoenix and Sam gives him the equal dragon, which are meant to be together. 

Lucky goes back to the old churchyard and talks to himself.  It’s something about keeping Aiden safe but not Jake. However, I had to fast forward because I can’t take that story anymore. 

Closing montage, Emma sleeps on the couch as Scrubs kiss under mistletoe.  Cam tells Liz he loves her and she hugs her boys.  The Quartermaines talk and celebrate.  Sam and Jason hug.  Lulu and Dante dance with their guests and then kiss. 

**Due to Christmas travelling, there will be no new column for Monday (Dec 26th) and Tuesday (Dec 27th) episodes.  A new episode should be available on Wednesday.  Please feel free to use this column to discuss Monday and Tuesday's episodes.

*** I would love to wish everyone a very merry and safe and healthy Christmas.