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The Young and the Restless Spoilers And 2012 Previews!

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Victor: The Newman clan is horrified by the Black Knight's latest action.

Nikki: The socialite wants answers from Sharon.

Nick/Sharon: The ex-loves have a showdown in court over little Faith. Later, Nick is gobsmacked by the judge's ruling.

Adam: He tries to get the restraining order lifted.

Phyllis: Big Red releases a new story she is working on.

Nick/Phyllis: The two have a heated encounter.

Patty: She attempts to rescue Jack. Patty puts a deadly plan in motion for Genevieve.

Billy/Victoria: The newlyweds get shocking news. Billy and Victoria get the results.

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Chelsea: She hits Genoa City (about damn time) and causes some drama at Jimmy's.

Daniel/Chloe: The fashionista gets drunk, which leads to an intimate situation with Daniel.

Ricky: He goes to Phyllis for payment.

Neil/Harmony: The two are happy about Devon's music career.

2012 Previews

Victor/Nikki: Mr. Mumbles' stunning engagement disgusts and horrifies his family and the residents of Genoa City. Everyone knows Victor's heart will always belong to Nikki. He's taking the rap for Diane's murder, all for his lady love, so his new marriage plans throws everyone for a loop. Victor and Nikki fans, cheer up. He may be popping the question to his baby.

His current proposal is calculated, not about love. Meanwhile, Nikki is determined to bust Deacon for the lies he's told her and get Victor out of jail. Nikki's new attitude towards her marriage to Deacon isn't what it seems. She's using it to nail Deacon by doing it the same way he got her, with booze! Victor is totally in the dark about what Nikki is doing. He learns about Nikki staying with Deacon and decides to pop the question to Sharon at a New Years Eve party. Expect fireworks, and not the usual ones, when the ball drops.

Patty/Jack/Genevieve: Patty cake is not about to let Genaura have her happily ever after with Old Smilin'. Patty starts to be pushed beyond the brink when, Jack and Genevieve get closer in their relationship. This spells trouble for the two. Danger is on the horizon once Patty plunged further into insanity.

Billy/Victoria: Everything Billy was trying to keep from Victoria starts to unravel when Chelsea arrives. Victor's dirt he has on Billy wasn't really dealt with. It will be once Chelsea hits Genoa City.

Devon/Harmony/Neil: YoHarmony really wants to repair her relationship with Devon. However, she realizes it can't happen over night or demand it. She is a bit torn between letting Devon come to her or trying to reconnect. Neil will be keeping a close eye on things, since he knows Harmony is serious about being clean and sober. Devon will slowly start to come around, when he realizes he needs his mother.