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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Lulu’s concerned that she can’t cook Dante their first meal as newlyweds. Olivia assures her it’s all fine.  Talk turns to Sonny’s check. Olivia wonders what would be so terrible if they accepted a gift from Dante’s father.  There’s a long answer to that, but my short answer would be, because Dante’s father likes to shoot Dante in the chest and smack him upside the head with the barrel of gun to avoid getting arrested.  But that’s just me.

Olivia claims all Sonny wants is a place in Dante’s life. However, Lulu thinks he’s trying to buy a relationship with Dante and wonders if Olivia wants the two men in her life to have a relationship. Olivia admits that in a perfect world she does, but understands that one is a cop and the other a criminal.  Olivia tells Lulu to be honest with her feelings with Dante.  Dante stops by for a quick supper with Lulu. 

Shawn doesn’t want to accept the dog as a gift.  Carly tells him to stop pushing her away, he’s different with the dog and to let him in.  Carly’s tired of his push and pull. She figures Shawn doesn’t want a connection with her.  He grabs her into a kiss.  She pulls away and claims she doesn’t want anything from him.  Shawn asks if he reminds her of Jax. She says she’s had no contact from Jax and not to use him as an excuse. 

Carly decides since they’ve gotten no new message from Franco, Shawn’s services are no longer necessary. He can move out of her house.  She says she’s busy planning the hotel’s New Year’s Eve party. She and Joss will move into the hotel.  Shawn asks if she’s firing him, but she says she’s dismissing him. She points out that it doesn’t feel good. 

John wants to know what his father knows about the hit on Jason. Anthony knows all of it, since knowledge is power.  Sonny shows up asking the same question. Johnny feigns ignorance.  Sonny also wants them to stop using his shipping lanes. He taunts that it’s difficult to be in charge and have dear old dad come back.  Anthony claims he’s retired and focused on his lady.  Sonny wonders if that’s Tracy.  Anthony snarks about Sonny never doing jail time and mentions Michael and Abby. 

Sonny tells them about Abby’s death and both men are shocked.  Sonny tells Johnny to do something about the guy who’s attacking women. He warns that he’ll take his shipping lanes back.  After he leaves, Johnny asks his father if he’s responsible for Abby. However, Anthony denies it, but points out that Michael is now vulnerable and they should take advantage of that.  Before he leaves, Anthony asks Johnny if he’s found an inside cop to replace the one they had, it will come in handy. 

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Robin’s upset that Jason would use emotional blackmail on her and that his condition is serious. However, Jason stays firm. He’ll get checked out if she tells Patrick the truth.  Jason gets a call about a possible Franco sighting. He gets angry enough to clench his hand, which he doesn’t notice until Robin points it out.  She reminds him he’s starting a life with Sam and shouldn’t throw it away.   Jason promises he’ll go to the hospital to get checked out, but not right away.  Michael shows up, and Robin offers her condolences before she leaves.

Michael lets Jason know that Sam told him what happened in Hawaii, because she knew he’d understand.  Jason’s grateful for any help Michael can offer Sam.  He’s angry that Franco was taunting him and throws something.  Michael says that’s why Sam can’t talk to him.  Michael says Jason is more focused on revenge and that’s the worst thing for Sam.  Michael feels all Jason has to offer is rage and not to get caught up on the hate or let Sam slip away.  Robin calls Jason to come in for his tests. 

Lulu complains about the meal not being any good.  Dante tells her that if Olivia’s being a pest, he’ll tell her to back off.  Lulu says his mom isn’t the problem.  Dante admits to seeing Sonny at the PCPD, but that he didn’t talk to him about the money.  Dante explains about Abby dying and Sonny wanting Dante to reach out to Michael and help by catching the guy who’s attacking the strippers.  He tells her that Sonny wants him to stop by. Lulu says she’s support him and that Dante should talk to his father. 

Maggie complains about hospital protocol, which gets Epiphany’s dander up.  Maggie explains to Patrick that it’s the administration.  The two talk about Robin. Maggie asks if he ever found out why Robin was crying.  Patrick explains about the HIV patient. He tells her about the wonderful Christmas they had and that Patrick bought the land as a gift for Robin. 

Delores meets with Johnny.  He mentions catching her at the evidence room, which she blows off.  She mentions the truce with Sonny hanging on by a thread, but he blows that off.  Delores tells him she’s working the stripper case.  Johnny assures her he wants the guy off the street.  Johnny asks about her husband out of town. He claims he wants to get to know her better.  She’s angry that he told Olivia that she was out with Dante.  He talks about listening to music with his mother and asks about her musical tastes.  Delores says she doesn’t share things with a criminal. She points out that Lisa’s murder may be closed, but it’s not over.  After she leaves, Johnny calls someone to get all the information he can get on Delores.   

Jason shows up at the hospital, but gets a call that Franco has been spotted. He tells Robin that he’ll be back, since he promised her that he would.  Robin and Patrick talk about Emma’s doll and not letting life mess than up.  Robin gets a call and walks away. 

Dante goes to see Sonny and chastises him for showing up at the PCPD.  He promises Sonny that he’ll take a closer look at the stripper case.  Dante brings up the money.  Sonny claims it’s legitimate and Dante says he can’t accept it. 

Carly visits with Michael and asks how his trip to New Zealand was.  Michael says he found the field of purple flowers where he spread Abby’s ashes.  Michael says he thinks he saw Jax at the Auckland airport.