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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jax is waiting to board a flight to Port Charles.  I must say, I squealed a little when I saw him!  He looks at a picture of Josslyn and promises her he’s on his way. 

Sam has a dream of what happened with Franco.  Jason calls and tells her Franco is gone.  Sam wants him to come back to spend New Year’s with her.  He tries to blow her off, saying they’ve never cared about the holidays.  Sam begs him to let Franco go, at least until after the holiday. She asks him to come home to her.  Jason tells her he’s on his way.  While waiting for him, Sam looks at a calendar and realizes she’s late. 

Tracy runs into Ethan and asks about Luke. Ethan hasn’t heard from his father.  Tracy decides to head to the Metro Court party to meet him.  Ethan’s hanging around waiting for the lady in white to return.   He eventually leaves her a message on his coffee cup and leaves.  The lady shows up.

Sonny picks up Kate to take to the party.  He shows her a drawing for a new restaurant. The two talk about the one from the old neighborhood.  Spinelli arrives and Sonny demands to know where his money is.  Spin hands him a check for 20 million.  After Sonny leaves, Maxie asks if Spin remembered where the money was. Spin admits he got the money through other areas. 

Spin asks Maxie’s help in dressing for his date.  Maxie’s jealous when she hears he’s into someone else, but agrees to help him.  As she’s adjusting his tie, she goes in for a kiss, but Spin deflects her with a hug and leaves.  Maxie’s determined to find out who Spin’s date is. 

Maxie follows him to Kelly’s and demands to know who the woman is.  Spinelli wonders why it’s so important to her.  Maxie asks for a description. Spinelli spots the lady in white through the window and describes her.   

Olivia tells Carly that Steve’s working and asks about Shawn.  Carly assures her that Shawn is just an employee and nothing more.  Carly calls Michael and invites him to join her at the party.  Michael says he’ll be there. 

Dante runs into Michael and offers his condolences.  Dante warns Michael not to go after the guy who’s accosting the strippers. He’s on the case.  Michael spots Dante’s wedding ring and Dante admits he and Lulu got married.  Michael toasts him sadly. 

Patrick takes Emma to get ice cream, while Robin continues getting ready to go to the hotel party.  While they’re gone, she books a car service for one.  When they come back, Patrick gets ready. Robin tells Emma that she loves her, that she needs to be a good girl for daddy and promises she’ll always be in their hearts. 

Robin puts Emma to bed and then gets a call that the babysitter is backing out. She finds Patrick asleep on the couch.  She joins him, happy to be with her family, instead of at a party. 

At the hotel Tracy asks Carly about Luke, but she hasn’t heard from him either.  Carly points Tracy to her table, where Anthony is waiting for her.  Tracy storms off. Anthony follows her in to the elevator where they get stuck. 

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Anthony says he holds her in high regard. He was wrong to blackmail her.  Anthony asks about the diamond he sent her, pulls out a ring box, with the ring in it. He gets down on one knee and proposes as Tracy stares at him speechless. 

Olivia shows off Lulu’s wedding ring to Skate. Sonny welcomes her into the family, offering anything they need.  Lulu’s tells him they’re just fine, thank you.  Olivia tells Carly that they’re all somehow related now.  Dante arrives and he and Lulu kiss. 

Michael shows up at the party and immediately lays into Carly. He asks point blank if Jax is dead and to tell all the people that he is.  He claims Jax is alive and Carly knew all along.  Dante offers to take Michael home, but he blows that off.  Alexis asks if Jax is alive.  Michael wants to know how Carly could have lied to the kids.  Both Sonny and Alexis order Carly to tell the truth. 

Carly admits she doesn’t know for sure. Michael says she sounded sure when she was talking to Shawn.  Carly says she’s had no contact from Jax. She says she hasn’t heard from him, but two weeks after the plane crash, the yacht went missing.  Dante asks if she reported it to the police, but Carly says she told the harbor master that she sold it. 

Sonny says people thought it was his fault.  Carly claims she wasn’t going to let him finish the job.  If Jax wanted to disappear who was she to stop him.  Alexis asks for more proof.  Carly says there’s been activity in the foreign accounts. Jane never contacted her, which she would have if Jax were dead. 

Alexis asks if Carly believes he’s alive. Carly says yes.  Alexis is angry that Carly let them believe he was dead.  Michael says she let everyone grieve over someone who isn’t dead.  Carly realizes he’s upset about Abby. Michael says he was looking for something to hold onto and she continued to lie. 

Carly says she was protecting Jax.  Sonny says people blamed him for Jax’s death.  Carly reminds him that he chased Jax all around town, fired a gun in Robin’s house and tampered with Jax’ plane. Joss would have been killed had she been on board. 

Alexis says they’re all aware of what Sonny did, but it doesn’t justify Carly’s lies.  (Really Alexis? Carly lying to protect someone is somehow a greater crime than Sonny trying to kill anything that moved?)  Carly says if Jax wanted Alexis to know, he would have contacted her.  Jax wanted to disappear and Carly backed him.  Michael complains again about Morgan and Josslyn crying. How could she put them through that?  Michael storms off. Dante goes after him. Outside, he stumbles into the road, in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Floyd’s thrilled at all the juicy gossip. Diane warns him he can’t print any of it.  Kate decides to usher Sonny away, but when Carly says to get him out of there, Kate tells her she should apologize to Sonny.  Sonny says Carly let everyone believe that he killed Jax in order to take Morgan away. 

Carly says she didn’t want to tell Morgan that Jax was dead again, when Sonny finished the job he started.  Sonny says she can screw with him, but not his kids.  Carly says she did the right thing and would do it again.  She claims she might be a liar, but he’s still a killer. 

Sonny says Carly turned everyone against him, trying to make them think he did something he didn’t.  Carly says he turned everyone against him.  Kate feels Sonny might not have lost control if he’d known that Jax was alive.  Carly says if she’d told the kids the truth, they would have had to choose between protecting Jax and lying to their father. 

Lulu asks Olivia to stop the fighting.  Alexis asks where Jax is now, but Carly says she’s not saying in front of Sonny.  Kate accuses Carly of painting Sonny as a remorseless killer.  Carly points out that he is a remorseless killer and Kate should know that.  Sonny accuses Jax of running away from his life and kids. 

Carly says if Jax shows up, Sonny will kill him.  Sonny demands to know where Jax is.  Carly tells him to screw himself.  Sonny says if she doesn’t tell him, Michael will. 

A bloodied Jason and Michael and a broken motorcycle lie by the road.