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L.A. Times Reports Maria Arena Bell Saved MOCA


Seems like The Young and the Restless'Maria Arena Bellis showrunner by day and art saviour by night.The Los Angeles Timesis reportingthe showrunner has spared LA's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) from closing its doors for good. According to the article, Bell took over the job as MOCA's co-chair and spared the  famous modern-art museum from going belly up, by raising over 50 million dollars.  Bell stated:

The reason I love the MOCA gala—and all the events I’m involved with—is it messages what the organization is about. This isn’t just another black-tie, rubber-chicken-dinner. The idea of that gala is what the arts can bring to people. It’s not about being an artist or even being a patron of artists—it’s just about what makes us human. It is the thing that outlives us all.

While I'm all for saving the arts, shouldn't Maria put all this energy into writing character-driven storylines on her show? To read more about how Bell uses art to influence Y&R's storylines click here.

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