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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly says she won’t tell Sonny where Jax is.  Sonny says Michael will tell him.  Alexis is angry Carly lied, saying Carly wanted to hang onto Jax’s money.  Carly says she was trying to protect Jax because Sonny tried to kill him.  Alexis says Carly drove Sonny to it. However, Carly says Brenda did.  Carly wants Sonny to admit that he tried to kill Jax.  Sonny talks about Morgan being taken away and how she lied to Michael.

Carly asks Alexis about sending Morgan away, since she tried to keep Kristina away for so long.  Lulu asks Floyd and Diane to step in, but they’re willing to wait.  Carly accuses Kate of trying to save Sonny, as Alexis did.  Sonny says again that Michael doesn’t want anything to do with her, but Carly reminds him that Michael’s grieving Abby. 

Alexis says Michael’s had enough, but Carly wonders why Alexis is back working for Sonny. She asks what Sonny has on her.  Alexis claims Jax faked his death to get away from Carly, but Carly says he’s hiding from Sonny. She wonders if Alexis will defend Sonny the next time he goes after Jax.

Jason comes to and reaches out to Michael, who comes to. He accuses Jason of lying about Jax, like Carly did.  Michael storms off and Dante goes after him and takes him to the hospital.

Kate blames Carly for everything. Carly calls her pathetic.  She claims Sonny loves so many, until they come to their senses and run screaming.  Kate feels that Carly doesn’t care about her kids.  Lulu breaks up the fighting, telling them that Dante called about the accident. 

Tracy tells Anthony she won’t marry him, but Anthony tells her the money she stole from the Solitos was earmarked for him and he’ll get her arrested if she doesn’t agree to marry him.  Tracy says he can’t railroad her, but he tells her the engagement will show up in the papers tomorrow.  Anthony leaves to get the diamond set in the ring. 

Liz finds Ewan lying on a gurney, staring at the ceiling.  He wants her to lie with him and imagine stars on the ceiling.  Liz talks about her boys, how she misses Jake and how she failed him.  Matt finds them, so Ewan heads off and Matt wonders what Ewan was demonstrating to Liz. 

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Liz and Matt lie on the gurney. Liz says she’s glad this year is over, but that she’s grateful for her boys spending time with her grandmother and the fact she has a job and doesn’t need to depend on anyone.  She grateful she’s alive. 

Maxie’s wants Spin to introduce her to his new lady, but Spin doesn’t. Maxie gets upset, saying he’s ashamed of her and then accuses his new love of being threatened by her and wearing the wrong fashion.  Maxie storms off. 

The lady in white sees Ethan’s cup message and she leaves him one in return.  Later on, she returns. Ethan is thrilled to see that she’s real.  She plants a kiss on him before taking off.

Sam goes out and buys a home pregnancy test.   Jason calls her to let her know about the accident and to meet him at the hospital. 

Dante brings Michael in and he’s not interested in anything Carly has to say, so Dante takes him to be checked out while Carly and Sonny continue to argue.  Sonny wants her to admit that lying was wrong.  Carly wants him to admit that he tried to kill Jax and to swear not to do it again. 

Jason shows up and lets Carly know that Michael is angry with both of them and that she needs to give Michael time to cool down.  Patrick comes to get Jason, angry that he hasn’t been back for his check up.  Jason asks about Robin, but Patrick thinks he’s deflecting.  Sam shows up and Jason agrees to take the tests. 

Kate tells Carly to leave, but Carly’s not leaving her son.  Kate blames Carly for Sonny spiraling out of control. Carly blames Sonny for that.  Carly warns Sonny that if anything happens to Jax, she’ll turn him over to the police.  She tells him to stay away from Michael.  Sonny says Michael is done with her, as is he. 

Dante goes back to the hotel to find Lulu waiting for him.  He’s worried for Michael. Abby balanced him and he feels Michael will lash out.  Lulu says she’s no longer a glass half empty person thanks to him. She says her resolution is to find her bliss, and he’s willing to help her with that.  He talks about Sonny’s money and how it would help them. Lulu points out Sonny was going to kill Jax and the money is too complicated.  Dante resolves to make this their best year and the two kiss.  

Back at the penthouse, JaSam wait for his test results. Jason tells her about Michael.  Sam says Michael will be lashing out.  Jason says things will be different now, that he almost lost Michael because he was concentrating on Franco and says he’s done chasing Franco and that life needs to be about them.