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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick comes home to find Robin getting ready to leave.  She explains she’s going to Africa and he’s okay with it, knowing she wants information for her patient.  Patrick tells her about Jason and Michael’s accident and says he ran some tests. 

Patrick reminds Robin that her HIV status is manageable. She says she needs to explore all options.  Patrick doesn’t want anything to come between them anymore. He offers to take her to the airport.  Robin turns him down, but promises to call when she lands in Nairobi.  After Patrick leaves, Robin calls to confirm her flight to Seattle. 

Olivia and Kate discuss Sonny and Carly’s outbursts.  Kate blames Carly for pretending Jax was dead, but Olivia says they provoke each other and that Sonny did sabotage the plane. Now Michael has to put up with the pain and loss.  Kate asks about Steve and Olivia explains about the near pregnancy and Steve’s reaction. 

Kate questions whether Olivia’s birth control method and points out that Olivia put her life on hold to raise Dante, but now he’s an adult and she needs to be happy.  Olivia assures her that she has no interest in Sonny or his life. 

Sonny stops by Michael’s to help him dispose of Abby’s things.  Michael’s tired of doing things the right way.  Sonny says he still has his job at the warehouse and not to go after the guy who’s hurting women because Michael not a killer.  Michael asks if he would have gone after Jax if he’d known he was alive.  Jax listens at the door.

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Michael is tired of Sonny preaching to him, it’s his life and if Sonny doesn’t give him what he wants, Michael will take it.  Sonny says he never wanted Michael in his business.

Jason’s going to see Michael and Sam wants to go with him.  She hides the pregnancy test under the bed.  When they get to Michael’s, he doesn’t want anything to do with Jason and tells Sonny that Jason knew Jax was alive.  Jason explains that he only found out in Hawaii. Sam reminds Michael that they were dealing with other stuff at that time. 

Michael tells Jason to make Sonny let him in the business, but when Jason refuses. Michael orders him to leave.  Sonny tells him to get a hold of himself. Sonny says his life is not for Michael, it will make him dead inside.  Michael feels his father never believed in him, he’s lying to Michael’s face and to stop trying to manage him.  Michael tells Sonny to leave.  Jax follows Sonny. 

Steve finds Maggie lying on the gurney, watching the ceiling and wants him to join her.  Johnny shows up wanting to speak to Steven, so Maggie leaves them. Johnny warns that he knows what happened in Memphis and tells Steve that he’ll be asking for a reference. 

Maggie finds Steve on the gurney and joins him.  The two “see” Memphis in the ceiling.  Maggie admits that she wishes things had turned out differently

Sonny meets Kate and tells her about Michael and that he can’t protect him.  Kate reminds him Michael is an adult and will listen when ready.  Kate asks for a home cooked meal and Sonny agrees, so long as she doesn’t bail on him. 

Jason’s worried about Michael, he doesn’t know how to help him.  Sam reminds him that Michael’s anger will lessen as time goes on.  Sam feels Carly did the right thing in keeping Jax’s secret. 

Johnny stops by Michael’s.  Michael says they have a lot to talk about.