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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jax watches while Alexis confronts Sonny about going after Jax. She swears him to give her his word that he won’t.  Alexis tells him to swear on a Bible and asks why she should defend him.  Sonny reminds her of their deal. She can’t resign.  Alexis tells him if he touches Jax, she’ll go to Kristina and say Yale was all Sonny’s doing. 

Mac arrives and lets them know that the investigation into Jax’s death is closed, since he’s alive.  Seriously, they were still investigating that?  Man, the PCPD is inept.  Alexis starts to cry.  Alexis says she misses Jax and blames Sonny again.  Floyd shows up, saying he’s looking for an exclusive.  Alexis misunderstands and yells at him. She doesn’t want to go out with him, or Mac or Sonny.  Floyd says he’s doing a follow up on Jax.

Jason hates that Michael thinks he lied.  Sam asks if he’s going to keep an eye on Sonny, to prevent him from going after Jax again.  Molly calls to have Sam meet her at Kelly’s for lunch.  Spinelli arrives to get his stuff, because he’s decided to move out. 

After Sam heads out, Jason asks about the missing 20 million. Spinelli says he repaid Sonny, but with a different 20 million.  Spin explains how his new system, with friends everywhere is able to get any information quickly.  Jason tests it out and the response is almost immediate. 

Shawn and Wilson run into both Ewan and Molly at Kelly’s.  Shawn says the dog needs to be trained. Ewan tells him to be sure before letting the dog go.  Carly arrives and asks to speak to Shawn. She lets him know that she’s worried about Michael and explains what happened New Year’s Eve.  She also tells him that someone needs to get Sonny under control.  Shawn tells her to talk to Michael.  Jax eavesdrops. 

Johnny goes to Michael’s apartment and offers his condolences.  Michael wants a job, saying he’s quit his father’s warehouse and wants to stop the guy who’s beating up on women.  Johnny tells him to let the police handle it. However, Michael figures he can work it better with the organizations resources.  Johnny wonders what Sonny will say if Michael starts to work for him. 

Michael says he needs to step out from Sonny’s shadow.  Johnny mentions Jason and his loyalties, but Michael explains that Jax is alive and Jason knew.  Johnny admits that the original offer to Michael was to get leverage on Sonny; something Michael is fine with now.  He says again that he wants the man stopped and Johnny points out that he’s too emotional which is a liability. 

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Dante and Lulu are packing her stuff when Maxie shows up. Maxie is angry that they got married without telling or inviting her.  She’s angrier that Lulu’s moving out. Maxie feels they got married on a whim and asks about flowers and dresses.  Lulu says it was off the rack, but white. Maxie goes off again, saying she was instrumental in getting Lante back together. She warns Lulu not to come back to her when Lante break up. 

Maxie starts to cry, asking what she’s going to do without Lulu.  Lulu promises to continue the friendship and says she’ll continue pay rent until Maxie can get another roommate.  Dante leaves to pack the car and the two girls hug.  Maxie says she’s happy for Lulu and she can come back anytime.  Lulu leaves, and Maxie leaves a message for Matt. 

Patrick tells Robin he wants the truth from her.  He tells her that Briggs didn’t kill Lisa. Since he saw Robin with the wrench beside her, figured it was her.  Robin denies it and says she thought Patrick had done it, since she has a memory of him taking the wrench.  Patrick says he came across her with the wrench and tossed it overboard.  Robin wonders who would have moved her from where she fell on the stairs to where Patrick found her.  She’s glad Patrick isn’t the killer and hopes it wasn’t Maxie or Matt.    Patrick tells her that Lisa didn’t win and they can move on. 

Ewan finds some pictures that Molly dropped.  She loves his Australian accent.  He wonders if she’s interested in her heritage. They make small talk, until Sam shows up.  Ewan sits at the counter, while the Davis sisters catch up.  Sam warns Molly not to fall for Ewan, but Molly’s grossed out since he’s at least thirty years old!! 

Molly shows Sam the album she found and is fascinated by the Cassadine background, even though Sam doesn’t share her interests.  Molly says her friends are changing, becoming interested in boys and sex.  Sam tells her to stay as she is and then heads out. 

Spinelli wonders if Jason wants him to locate Franco.  Jason admits he promised Sam he would only go after a solid lead.  Sam returns and says she’ll miss Spinelli. Spinelli thanks Jason for giving him a home and for his friendship.  After Spin leaves, Jason tells Sam that Spin offered to find Franco.  Sam says that’s fine, but not right now. 

Shawn gets back to Kelly’s with the dog but says he won't be keeping it.  Molly offers to dog sit and that they would be happy to have each other.  Shawn feels he can’t keep the dog if he’s leaving, which surprises molly. 

Johnny tells Michael the truce with Sonny is shaky. He’s already dealing with his own father.    Carly shows up and demands to know why Johnny is there.  He says he’s offering his condolences.  Michael tells his mother to leave.  Carly points out that Jax was in danger. He didn’t call and she had no proof.  Michael again tells her to leave and she does.  Johnny asks him what Abby would want and Michael asks what Claudia would.

Michael says Johnny held Sonny responsible for Claudia. He holds the guy responsible for Abby and wants justice.  Michael threatens to go to one of the other families. Johnny tells him not to do anything yet.  When Johnny leaves, Carly stops him and asks what she needs to do to keep him away from Michael.