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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli runs into Ethan at Kelly’s. Ethan is distracted, waiting for a glimpse at the Lady in White.  Spinelli looks at the photo of her on his phone.  Neither notices when she walks by. 

Monica questions Liz about lab results and then has a problem with Liz’s attitude.  She says she knows Lucky is gone and Liz has a tendency to run to Jason in a crisis. Liz needs to find someone else to rescue her. Liz assures her that her personal problems will not affect her job.  Ewan comes out of the shower and I forgot everything that happened for the next five minutes as I gazed upon the man’s very fine pecs!

Monica offers Ewan a spot on the staff and he asks for Liz’ opinion. Monica snarks out Liz again before heading off and Ewan wonders about the tension between them.  Liz says Monica doesn’t approve of her and Ewan asks again if he should take the position. Matt shows up, so Ewan takes off again.  Liz explains that Ewan was offered the open position and he’s good at what he does.  Matt feels Liz is transferring her feelings for her savior onto Ewan. 

Patrick finds Robin looking at her will and wonders why.  She blows it off, saying she just wants to make sure it’s all in order before her trip. 

Robin’s looking for Liz and asks Monica. Monica complains about Liz’s need to go to Jason with her problems. She doesn’t want her son taken advantage of.  Robin says she knows Monica is upset about the whole Jake mess, but that it was Jason’s choice not to tell his mother and not to blame Liz. 

Jason and Sam talk about Michael.  Michael calls Sam; to apologize and tell her he’s going to take action. There’s nothing to worry about.  Sam tells him to talk to Jason, who loves him. However, Michael isn’t interested, saying he knows what he has to do.  Jason mentions again to Sam that Spin can find Franco, so he can stop him and they can move on.

Spinelli stops by Maxie’s and offers to take Lulu’s place as her roommate.  He tells her JaSam need their privacy, but Maxie feels it isn’t a good idea. They would get hurt and it would be awkward when Matt came over.  Maxie doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Spin needs to find somewhere else. 

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Jason and Michael both show up at the accident scene.  Jason says he’s trying to figure out what happened.  Michael says he stepped out onto the street. He made his own choices.  Michael’s angry that he tried to control Abby and it got her killed.  Jason says he’s not trying to control Michael.  Michael says he wants to work for someone who isn’t always trying to protect him or treat him like a kid.  He tells Jason he’s going to work for the Zaccharas.  Jason tells him not to do anything until he’s thinking clearer and that it would mean going against Sonny.   Jason tells him not to throw his life away, but Michael says it’s his choice.  

Monica runs into Tracy and shows her today’s newspaper with the announcement Tracy and Anthony are getting married.  Tracy is shocked.  Tracy runs into Floyd and tells him she’ll sue him for running the announcement.  Floyd says the news came from Anthony himself and he’s running another one.  Tracy says it will hurt Edward, but Floyd doesn’t care.  Tracy runs into Spinelli and asks if he can hack into the newspaper and change the announcement. Spin says he’s no longer able to hack.  After Tracy leaves, Spinelli spots the lady in white and follows her. 

Sam goes back to the alleyway to look at Franco’s tag.  She remembers the DVD.  She looks at her pregnancy test, then goes home to take it. 

Anthony stops by Maxie’s to ask another favor.  She tries to blow him off, but he points out that he can make anyone look guilty of Lisa’s murder if he wants to.  He tells her he wants her to plan his wedding, down to the last detail.  Maxie says she’s too busy to plan a wedding.  Anthony notices the packing boxes. He points out that she’s alone now and it’s a dangerous neighborhood.  Maxie gets the point and says she’ll do it. She then wonders how far away the wedding is.  Anthony says the wedding is next Friday, the thirteenth. He tells her not to disappoint him. 

Ethan gets to Windemere and goes through the passageway into the tunnel looking for the lady in white.  Ewan gets to Windemere and listens at the doorway.  The lady in white shows up, followed by Spinelli, who also goes into the tunnels.  Ethan returns in time to catch the lady, as does Spinelli. He wonders how they know each other.  Ewan returns and claims she’s his patient. 

Robin tells Patrick she’s going to ask Liz to check in on him and Emma, to make sure they’re okay.  Patrick asks her to hurry back to him and Emma.  Matt assures Robin that he’ll check on Patrick as well.  Robin asks to speak to Liz privately. 

Robin tells Liz that she needs to go away and explains about her HIV meds not working. Liz wonders why she’s giving up so quickly.  Robin says she doesn’t want Patrick to walk around with the same fear she’s feeling. Liz realizes Patrick doesn’t know.  Liz says Robin has to tell Patrick; she can’t keep this from him.  Robin says they’ll both be single parents and they can support each other.  Liz says Robin can’t ask her to take her place. 

Maxie comes to the hospital and asks Matt to move in with her.

Jason shows up to see Patrick and passes out.