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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ethan wonders who the lady in white really is.  Ewen doesn’t know and neither does she.  Apparently she walked into his office nine months ago with no memories.  He ran a bunch of police checks and found nothing.  Spinelli admits that after taking her picture, he also tried to find information on her, but found nothing.  Ewen says he’s named her Cassandra and he works at Shadybrook. 

Ethan asks if she’s crazy.  Ewen says he’s working on helping her.  Cassandra feels they all love the mystery of her and wants to stay at Windemere, despite Ethan’s claims that she shouldn’t.  Ewen feels she should leave.  Cassandra points behind them, yells and when they turn, she disappears. 

Kate overhears Sonny on the phone, asking about Jax’ whereabouts.  He swears that it’s not what she thinks. He’s only trying to find Jax to talk to him, so he can move forward.  Kate wonders if he wants to know if Jax is still with Brenda. Sonny swears he’s trying to let go of the past so they can move forward.

Kate wants to take their relationship to a new level, but Sonny wants them to wait. He leaves the room to check on dinner.  While he’s gone, Kate makes a call to someone to talk her out of doing something. When Sonny returns she ends the call.  Sonny says he doesn’t want to rush things and that he wants them to last.  They kiss and she heads upstairs. 

Carly follows Johnny to his apartment and offers herself for one night, in exchange for him leaving Michael out of the business.  Johnny says Michael came to him.  Carly says Johnny only wants to use Michael as a weapon. Michael is hurting and lashing out.  Johnny thinks he’ll want more than one night with Carly and that she’s only trying to piss off Sonny.  Carly thinks Sonny will try to kill Johnny if he finds out. Michael will think she’s trying to control him.

Johnny says he has Michael’s best interest at heart, but he’s a businessman.  He also claims he’s a nice guy, but his father isn’t. Johnny can’t guarantee Anthony won’t go after Michael.  Carly wonders if he’s accepting her proposal. Johnny wonders if she’d do all this just for Michael. She says she’d do more.  Johnny opens his apartment door and tells her to leave. 

Robin tells Liz that Patrick can’t know the truth. She’s just being practical and trying to make sure her family is okay.  Liz assures her that a new protocol will be found and Robin shouldn’t give up.  Robin says she needs to plan for the worst case scenario.  Robin watched Stone die and doesn’t want that for Patrick and Emma.  She says Patrick will need a woman to help raise Emma. She needs someone she can trust.  Robin tells Liz to promise her.   Liz says she’ll be there as a friend. 

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Liz assures her that Robin will come back from the conference with a plan.  Robin asks her again to promise. Liz says she’ll be there for Patrick, but only if Robin tells him before she leaves. 

Patrick tells Jason he wants to do more tests.  Jason tells him he’s had numbness in his hand.  Patrick says he’s glad Robin hasn’t left on her trip yet. Jason is surprised to hear that she’s going away.  Patrick admits that he’s been jealous of Stone.  Jason says what he shared with Robin allows her to talk to him.  Jason tells Patrick that he needs to talk to Robin. 

Sam gets to the hospital. Monica lets her know that tests are being done on Jason.  Sam explains about the motorcycle accident.  Monica feels that a child will settle Jason down.   She tells Sam she’ll regret it if she doesn’t try to have a baby and not to miss out.  

Patrick tells Sam that they’re waiting for Jason’s test results.  He asks about any changes in Jason’s behavior.  Sam admits to the flashes of anger and the clenched fist.  Patrick tells her the less stress Jason has, the better. 

Jason wants to leave, but Monica tells him to stay and finish his tests, for Sam.  She asks if they’ve considered having a baby, because a baby would be the greatest gift they could give each other. 

Liz notices on the computer that Patrick has ordered more tests for Jason.  Robin says she can’t tell Patrick the truth while he’s dealing with Jason.  Liz tells her Patrick has the right to go through this with her. 

Patrick tells Robin about Jason and his tests.  He says Jason told him to talk to her. 

Jason finds Sam waiting for him and asks if she’s ok.  She fingers the pregnancy test in her pocket.

Sonny finds Kate in his bedroom and the two make love.