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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly shows up at Sonny’s while he’s in the afterglow with Kate (I dry heaved a little, writing that!). She wants to talk about Michael and his many issues.  Sonny blames Carly, because of Jax and Kate calls it a betrayal.  Carly tells Kate to mind her beeswax, which Sonny takes offence to. He tells Carly to respect his current bed bunny.  Carly tells him Michael approached Johnny for a job. Sonny tells her he will handle things and to stay out of the mess that she created. 

Kate assures Sonny that Michael wouldn’t join the Zaccharas, since it would set him against Sonny.  Sonny says he doesn’t know what to do next, but that he can’t let it be.  He admits he and Carly put Michael’s life through hell. Michael now wants revenge for Abby.  Kate decides to leave. Sonny tells her not to use Michael as an excuse to pull away.

Kate says she doesn’t want complications. She’s happy with the way things are.  She points out that now that Carly saw them everyone will know that they’re an item wonders if he is ready for that.

Johnny’s shocked to hear of his father’s impending marriage to Tracy. Anthony assures him Tracy likes him and that Luke appears to be out of the picture. He says to prepare himself for a step mommy. Johnny warns him to watch out Tracy.  Carly calls Johnny to meet her.  

Delores and Ronnie are joking with Dante about organizing a delayed bachelor party for him.  Michael shows up to yell at them for planning parties when there someone out there beating up strippers.  Delores explains that none of the girls have gotten a good description.  Ronnie assures him that the guy will make a mistake eventually.  Michael continues to bitch, saying that Abby’s death will not be for nothing and she deserves justice.  Delores claims she’s working the case. Michael snarks her out again.  He gets a call from Sonny that he ignores. 

Jason tells Sam he’ll be fine; he’s just waiting for his test results.  Sam says he isn’t fine and points out the moments of disconnect.  Jason admits he hasn’t been sleeping well.  Robin and Patrick join them. They ask for more information and symptoms, like headaches and weakness.  Sam tells them about the sleeping problems and the stillness. 

Robin tells them to keep a list of symptoms and that Patrick will do another round of tests.  When Sam walks away, Robin asks if Jason’s mad at her. She appreciates that he’s keeping her secret.  She tells him not to take any unnecessary risks.  Patrick says that the current tests are showing inconclusive, so no known cause.  Jason says he’ knows what’s making him angry and it has nothing to do with medicine. 

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Robin tells Jason not to give Patrick a hard time.  Jason hugs her and says he hopes she finds what she’s searching for.  Patrick jokes that he wants to go to the supply closet one last time before Robin heads off to her conference, but she has to leave.   She thanks him for understanding why she has to go. Robin tells him Liz will be checking in on him and Emma.  They hug and Robin leaves. 

Lulu stops by Maxie’s and finds her paranoid about people following her.  The two decide to do some yoga (in full heels no less). Maxie explains that Spinelli wanted to move in and that she asked Matt to.  Maxie gets a call from Anthony. He asks how the wedding planning is coming.  He says he’s depending on her and wants it all to be flawless.  He says he doesn’t have to remind her of why she owes him a favor, than proceeds to remind her why.  Anthony tells her not to disappoint him.  Lulu’s surprised to hear Maxie’s planning weddings now.  Lulu hurts herself in the yoga position. Maxie tries to help her out. 

Jax continues to follow Carly around town.  Carly lets herself into Kelly’s and comes across Shawn, who wonders why she’s there in the middle of the night.  He goes off to check something in the kitchen and Johnny arrives, surprised at the meeting place.  Carly says it’s secluded and has he settled on her terms.  Johnny agrees to turn Michael away.  The two kiss until Shawn interrupts. 

Johnny realizes why Carly picked Kelly’s as a meeting place and decides to take her up on her offer at another time.  Johnny tells her about Anthony’s wedding and asks if she’d like to go with him.  Carly says their arrangement isn’t a social thing.  When Johnny leaves, Shawn questions whether this all was for his benefit.  Carly says it was the last thing on her mind. 

Carly reminds him that he isn’t interested in her or her personal life.  Shawn points out Michael killed Claudia. Even if Johnny doesn’t blame Michael, maybe he blames her.  Carly says maybe Johnny finds her attractive and that it feels good to be pursued, not rejected.  Shawn says the Zaccharas all have mental issues.  Carly says maybe she likes crazy.  Shawn feels there’s something else going on. Carly isn’t this impulsive.  Carly tells him she doesn’t need his input or advice. 

Michael shows up looking for Johnny and finds Anthony instead.  Anthony offers his condolences for Abby. Michael says there’s been no progress finding the guy who’s beating up strippers and the cops aren’t helping.  Anthony agrees that it’s bitter to not find justice and offers Michael a drink.

Ronnie tells Delores and Dante that he might have found their guy, someone who fits the profile and now hasn’t gotten cocky.  He says there’s an eye witness to the latest attack and is going to interview them.  Lulu shows up limping and explains to Dante about the yoga accident. 

Jason assures Sam that he’ll do whatever Patrick wants him to.  Sam says she has something to tell him.  Jason says he has things to take care of and he’ll meet her back at their place so they can talk privately.  He leaves a voice message for Spinelli to go ahead and find Franco. 

Patrick reminds Sam that it’s important not to let Jason’s anger be triggered and not to ignore any symptoms.  Sam heads over to the nursery and is watching the babies. She talks to a new mother, who’s gushing over her new baby.  Sam cries as she watches. 

Sonny leaves a voice message for Michael and finds Kate’s glove that she left behind.  Someone watches him from the window.