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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Cassandra eavesdrops while Ethan and Ewen discuss her.  Ewen explains how she’d disappear for days at a time. Tragedy is likely what has given her amnesia.  Ethan says he’s the caretaker at Windemere.  Ewen wants to rent it for Cassandra.  Ethan says he’ll talk to Alexis.

Lulu shows up at Tracy’s office asking about the wedding.  Tracy assures her that she knows what she’s doing.  Lulu asks about Luke and how thrilled Tracy was when she thought the New Year’s invitation was from him.  Tracy says Luke divorced her. Lulu wonders if she’s marrying Anthony on the rebound.  Tracy changes the subject to Lulu finding her bliss. She asks if she wants to work at ELQ. 

Lulu’s not interested. She says Kate offered her old job back, but she’s holding out for the right thing.  She asks about Luke again. Tracy reminds her that Luke is gone.  Lulu wonders if Tracy is simply giving up. 

Maxie meets with Anthony to finish the wedding plans.  Anthony wants things to be classy for Tracy.  Tracy shows up and Maxie assures her that she won’t be disappointed by the details.  Maxie mentions getting a Crimson photographer, something Tracy doesn’t want.  Anthony’s excited about a magazine spread. Tracy insists, no photography or press. 

After Maxie leaves, Anthony says it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  Tracy claims she’s coming down with a cold. Anthony assures her he has a doctor that can fix her right up.  She then says that getting married on Friday the thirteenth is bad luck, which Anthony does agree with.  Anthony tells her he’ll arrange another day and for her to feel better. 

Johnny interrupts Maggie and Steve again. When she leaves, he reminds Steve that he’s looking for a referral. He tells Steve that if he doesn’t cooperate, he will let everyone know about the guy Steve killed in Memphis and how Maggie helped. 

Luke returns to meet with Carly, who asked for his help.  She explains her situation with Michael and Johnny. She asks if Luke can find something on Johnny, so that she doesn’t have to sleep with him.  Luke feels Carly can handle her men. However, Carly wants to know what it will cost her to have Luke help her. 

Johnny arrives, surprised to see that Luke is back in town. He sits at the counter, watching the two talk.  Luke points out that Sonny will be angry. However, Carly doesn’t care about Sonny.  She’s sort of excited that Johnny is watching them talk.  Luke says he wants his usual amenities at the hotel. Carly agrees to it.  She asks Luke to hurry to find something, because she won’t’ be able to hold Johnny off for too long.  Luke wonders if she really wants to. 

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Luke runs into Maxie on the way out of Kelly’s.  She’s surprised he’s back.  He sees the newspaper article about the wedding that she’s trying to keep from him and tells her he already knows.

Johnny asks Carly if she’s backing out of their deal. She assures him she’s ready and willing.  Lulu meets with Maxie, who tells her that Luke is back in town. Lulu wonders why. 

Dante and Delores discuss the stripper case and the man arrested for it.  Olivia interrupts and snarks out Delores, who leaves them to talk.  Dante wonders what his mother’s problem is.  She explains about Maggie showing up. Even though she believes in Steve, she doesn’t trust Maggie.  Dante asks if she cares more about Steve than she’s telling. Olivia finally admits she does. However, she doesn’t want to put herself out there, in case she’s made a fool.  Dante tells her to let Steve know how she feels. 

Delores says she doesn’t like the evidence they have on the guy they arrested. She and Dante go and interrogate him. 

Diane and Spinelli meet. They talk about her new career and his feelings for Maxie. He wants to move in with her. He made her jealous with mention of a new woman.  The two discuss love and how sometimes things just don’t work out. 

Steven tells Maggie that he made a mistake asking her to come to PC to work and feels she should leave.  He mentions a hospital in Dallas that’s looking for a pediatric doctor.  Maggie wants to know why he’s changed his mind. She feels she’s making a difference here. 

Maggie thinks he wants her gone, because she reminds him of what happened in Memphis.  Steve doesn’t want anything to bring attention to what happened which could be bad for her.  Steve says he wants everything behind him.  Maggie grabs him and kisses him, as Olivia arrives and sees. 

As Tracy’s walking towards her office, someone (Luke?) grabs her from behind. 

Cassandra comes out of her hiding spot. Ethan tells her that he’s enthralled by her and wants to know her secrets.  She kisses him.  He says he can’t stop thinking about her.  Cassandra says she doesn’t have answers for him.  Ethan asks if she’s hiding from someone and wonders who she’s afraid of.  He asks if she’s hiding from Helena. 

Helena eavesdrops in the tunnels.