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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s on the phone, yelling at Jason about things falling by the wayside, Johnny’s using his routes and trying to recruit Michael.  Jason tries to reassure him. However, Sonny tells him he needs to get over Franco, otherwise it will eat him alive.  Sam overhears and Jason blames himself again for what happened to her.  Sam tells him it wasn’t his fault, they’ll get through it.  Alexis calls to ask Sam to meet her at Kelly's. 

Olivia sees Maggie and Steven kiss and walks away, all the way to Sonny’s.  He’s asked for her culinary help in getting his restaurant finally open to the public.  She wonders if it’s safe to do so. She is surprised by the name, Fortunata’s, which was the place he and Kate used to hang out in.  The two talk about how things would have been if he’d known about Dante. However, she says she didn’t want him out of obligation or because of the life he chose. 

Steve breaks off the kiss and tells Maggie that it can’t happen again, because they work together.  Maggie reminds him that he wanted to marry her in Memphis. Steve says he’s serious with someone now.  Maggie says she couldn’t face or accept what happened in Memphis. She does now and understands how people can do extreme things. She mentions Lisa’s death. 

Steve says it’s a bad idea for Maggie to stay. What he did will always be there.  Maggie says she wants to give in to the feelings she’s had since Memphis.  Steve says that’s how things got wacky between Lisa and Patrick.  Maggie assures him she’s not crazy. They shared something that can’t be shared by anyone else.  Steve says he’s with Olivia, but Maggie says he’ll never get what he needs, which is redemption. 

Maggie tells him he and Olivia won’t be able to make it work with the secret between them. It’s not fair to make her think that they can.  Steven tells her to let it be over, but Maggie feels she’s chained to him because of what happened that night. 

Ronnie and Dante are angry that Delores released the guy Ronnie arrested.  Michael shows up to see who they arrested. He goes off on them when he hears the guy was released.    Delores says the guy had an alibi. They want to make sure they have the right guy.  Michael storms off and Dante goes after him.

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When Dante gets back, Delores wants to keep looking for the guy before he attacks another woman.  Dante feels she’s getting too emotionally involved. He wonders if it’s about her sister.  Delores counters, wondering why Dante hasn’t prosecuted Sonny for anything or tried to find out who shot him.  She claims nothing changes unless you change it.    

Helena continues to listen as Cassandra and Ethan talk. Cassandra talks about previous places she’s been and that she heard him talking to Laura’s portrait.  They talk about friends, family and how sometimes she hears whispers in the walls. It’s all very boring. 

Molly’s complaining to Alexis about her overbearing ways when Sam joins them.  Molly says she’s only trying to fit in, but all her friends are afraid of her mother. She wants some freedom.  Alexis snarks that at Molly’s age, her own mother was dead. She then apologizes for that crack and then complains about the heat.  Sam points out to Molly that Alexis is simply being protective. They’re lucky to have her as their mother. 

Molly brings out the photo album and points out that everyone in it seems sad.  Alexis mentions they’re all also unstable. Molly talks about the crazy gene being passed down through the kids.  Sam looks worried at this.  Alexis notices Sam’s distraction. She asks how she and Jason are. Then she sends Sam back home. 

Jason asks Spinelli if he’s found Franco. Spin tells him he’s been hiding in plain sight.  Spinelli warns him to weigh his options before changing lives.  Jason heads out to find Franco.  When Sam gets home, she finds a note from him saying, “It couldn’t wait”

Johnny shows up at Sonny’s, having been summoned. Olivia reminds Sonny not to take action against Johnny and leaves.  Sonny warns Johnny to stay away from Michael.  Johnny counters with Claudia.  Sonny says Claudia was an adult who wanted in the business and wasn’t going to get it from her father.  He claims Johnny is using Michael.  Johnny says Michael came to him.  Sonny feels Michael is confused because Abby died. 

Johnny says Michael’s feeling guilty because he set things in motion that led to Abby’s death.  Michael arrives and wonders what’s going on.  Johnny tells Michael that he knows Michael can make his own decisions.  After Johnny leaves, Sonny warns Michael not to listen to Johnny.  Sonny tells Michael he needs to accept what happened to Abby and move on.  Michael feels the attacker is the one who set this all in motion and wants him punished.  Sonny tells him to leave it alone.  Michael tells him to do it for him then, to bury the SOB. 

Olivia goes back to the hospital and interrupts Steve and Maggie’s discussion. She plants a giant kiss on Steve.  He leaves when he gets paged.  Olivia tells Maggie that she saw her kiss Steve earlier and warns her to back off. 

Jason finds Franco and holds a gun on him, but wants to know why Franco made it so easy for him to be found right now.  Franco wonders what Jason would do for the answer.