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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny wants to know if Michael is certain he has the right guy. He asks what Dante thinks.  Michael yells that Dante is doing nothing; this guy will continue to hurt the girls unless Sonny makes the call to take care of it.  Sonny says he understands Michael is hurting, but he’s not thinking clearly. Michael says the cops are useless. He wants the guy gotten rid of.  Kate overhears and wonders about keeping Michael out of the business.

Michael figures Sonny just has to make a call.  Sonny tells him to trust Dante.  Michael asks what if the guy attacks Kate. He says someone who hits women shouldn’t live.  Michael feels his father pulls the trigger all the time, but won’t this time because Michael’s asking. Sonny says he’s not going to kill someone based on a hunch. 

Jax is on the phone with his mother, assuring her he’s fine. However, everyone knows he’s alive and he needs to stay out of sight.  He picks up a gun and mutters that this time he’s prepared. 

Sam leaves a voice message for Jason, begging him to leave Franco alone.  She remembers their wedding vows and hopes that the baby will be Jason’s. 

Jason assures Franco that he doesn’t need an answer to anything.  Franco says if he dies, Jason will never know what really happened or why he came into Jason’s life.  Jason shoots Franco twice and he dies.  At least I hope he’s dead.  Jason sets the studio on fire. 

Luke’s on the phone trying to find someone.

Cassandra and Ethan continue to natter on about stuff nobody cares about. How she feels like she’s being hunted. How everyone could hate her, but maybe she’s just content not knowing who she is.  They kiss.  She asks if all he wants is sex.  Then they make love by the fire.  When they’re done, Ethan gets a call to meet Luke.  He asks Cassandra to go with him, but she wants to stay behind.  She asks him to keep their tryst between them. 

Patrick asks Epiphany if Robin called. She snarks at him about not being his personal answering service.  Patrick tells Liz that he’s worried that Robin hasn’t called yet. Her flight should have landed in Africa by now.  Robin finally calls in and assures him she’s fine. She asks him to give Emma a kiss for her.  When she’s off the phone, Robin enters a Seattle hospital. 

After Michael storms off, Kate tells Sonny to give him time to cool off.  Sonny’s worried he’ll do something stupid to send himself back to prison. Sonny says he’ll do whatever it takes to prevent that.  Kate says Michael is an adult.  Sonny wants to protect Michael, to give all his kids a better life and make better choices than he did. Kate changes the subject to their restaurant and the renovations. 

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Sonny wants to change it, since it’s too much like the one from their past. He wants a clean slate.  Jax eavesdrops on them.  Sonny says he’s tired of carrying the key to the house. He’s not that kid in the closet anymore and all he wants to do now is impress Kate Howard. 

Kate wonders if he still cares about Connie, but Sonny says Kate is the woman he’s falling in love with and wants to start fresh with new memories.  He says he likes the person she’s turned into. 

Michael goes to Sam and asks for her PI services in finding the guy.  Sam asks what he plans on doing. Michael says he plans on killing him. Sam asks what if he gets caught. Michael assures her that won’t happen. Then he says he’s never going back to prison.  Sam tells him if he does get caught and goes to prison, Jason won’t be there with him, not now. 

Ethan meets with Luke, who has a proposition for him.  Luke explains that he needs to find some Zacchara secrets.  Ethan reminds him that Johnny is a friend.  Luke says Carly’s gotten herself in trouble and he wants to help her.  Luke says he’s looking for Skye, because she apparently knows all the Zacchara secrets. 

Ethan explains that he doesn’t want to go anywhere, because he met someone at Windemere.  They natter on about monogamy being horrible and there being no such thing as soul mates. Except maybe Laura was Luke’s, but then she divorced him. Luke warns him that maybe Cassandra’s running a con on him, because nothing good happens on Spoon Island. 

Ewen shows up at Windemere, letting Cassandra know that she missed a session.  She’s not happy with him, feeling like he’s obsessing over her.  He says he’s trying to help her. She can’t afford to see Ethan and he warns her to stay away from him. 

Jax is on the phone with someone, telling them that he needs to wait for when he’s alone. 

Michael buys a gun off someone in the street.  I so totally wanted that person to be an undercover cop. 

Patrick tells Liz that he thinks something’s wrong. Robin sounded so sad on the phone.  Liz says he needs to know the truth and tells him that Robin is sick. Her HIV levels are unstable.

Jason comes home. He and Sam hug.  He tells her that it’s over. Franco is out of their lives for good.  Sam tells Jason that she’s pregnant. 

Sonny’s alone, leaving his office.  He turns back to answer the phone and someone shoots at him.