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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Confesses All!

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Victor/Nikki/Deacon: The long and lame mystery of who killed Diane is solved. Nikki snuffed Diane out in an act of self-defense. Nikki was trying to stop Diane from having Victor take the fall for "her death," when an enraged Diane attacked her. Deacon claims he was trying to keep Nikki out of jail, but she doesn't buy the bull he's selling. Nikki races over jail to tell Victor everything, but walks in on his wedding to Sharon. Nikki attempts to tell Victor what happened and find out why he went through with the sham of a marriage, but jail is placed on lock down. Victor is taken back to his cell, leaving Nikki and Sharon stuck together. The two women go head-to-head.

Later, Nikki goes to Gloworm after the lock down is removed and almost takes a drink. Instead, she calls her BFF Katherine to meet her and clues her in on everything. Kay is shocked to learn about Victor's marriage to Sharon. She doesn't judge Nikki for icing Diane. She knows her dear friend was defending herself. Meanwhile, Ronan, Phyllis and Nick meet up with the D.A. to have Victor sprung from the pokey, but he isn't too sure as yet. The D.A. wants to make sure the video footage is the real deal. Nick, Phyllis and Michael watch the video of Diane and Nikki. They see for themselves that she didn't mean to kill Diane. Michael heads off to inform Victor about  what happened, and he is thrilled his lady love has been exonerated.

Although Victor is glad Nikki will be cleared, he is going to use certain elements of Diane's death to his advantage. Michael and Nikki go to the police station, where she must recount what exactly happened. Nikki can't really remember the events due to being a hot drunken mess.  However, Ronan eases her tension and she starts to recall the events. Nikki overheard Diane and Victor in a heated argument. Once he left, Diane realizes Nikki is around and starts to become violent with her, when she figures out Nikki is onto her plans to have Victor take the fall for her death. Even though Nikki is the one responsible for Diane's death, watch for more revelations to come.

Victor/Nikki: The two reconcile.

Adam/Sharon: The black sheep decides to sell Beauty of Nature. When Victor learns of what his wayward son has planned, he contacts Sharon . He lets her know he wants her to vote against what Adam has planned.

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Sharon is a bit torn between doing what Victor asked and going against Adam. In the end she sides with her husband (yes it made me upchuck also), crushing Adam. All isn't lost for Adam; he gets a vote that secures his plans.

Jeffrey: He heads back to Genoa City.

Chelsea: She stuns Billy and Victoria with her behavior. Chelsea also has another person to deal with, Nikki. She starts to wonder what is going on with Billy's baby mama.

Cane/Lily: The two have a romantic evening together. February will be a great month for fans of Cane and Lily.

Devon: He questions Tucker's motives.

Eden: She clues Kevin in on what Chloe's been up to.

Genevieve: Her drive may damage her relationship with Old Smilin' Jack.