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Brad Bell Co-Owned Chicago Sun-Times: "There’s Nothing Revolutionary About The Revolution"

We shoulda known a newspaper co-owned by soap heir extraordinaire Brad Bell of The Bold and the Beautiful wouldn't be feelingThe Revolution! (We're just kidding. We know BB isn't telling the reporters what the write!) The Chicago Sun-Times had this to say about the debut of ABC Daytime's latest soap slayer:


ABC’s new daytime talker, filling the time slot of the canceled “One Live to Live,” promises its team of lifestyle experts will help both viewers and its televised “heroes” of the week transform their bodies, minds, style, health and environment.

What it actually delivers — besides one long Macy’s commercial — is a bunch of platitudes, lame tips (“embrace color”), television’s millionth makeover and advice from the no-duh handbook.

Gotta love Chi-Town!

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Photo credit: ABC