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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz explains that the patient Robin is researching is Robin herself. She’s on her third protocol.  Patrick wonders if Lisa messed with the meds. He asks if Robin is really in Africa. Liz says she’s not sure exactly where Robin is, but that she did this so Patrick wouldn’t have to endure the pain of losing her. Patrick asks if Robin wants Liz to take her place. 

Liz swears that’s not what Robin wanted. She just wanted Patrick to have someone to lean on as a single parent.  She says Robin wouldn’t be able to concentrate on her treatments if she was worried about her family.  Patrick’s upset that his wife is out there, sick and can’t come to him.  Liz says Robin needs to do this her way, to spare him.  Patrick calls Robin, but instead of confronting her, he simply tells her that he loves and misses her. 

Jason asks if Sam is sure she’s pregnant. She admits she took two pregnancy tests and she’s carrying a baby.  Sam asks him how he feels about it.  He turns it back on her.  She’s happy to know that the procedure worked and that she’s able to have a baby, but wonders how they’ll get through this if it’s Franco’s baby.  She regrets not having gone to the hospital that night.  Sam says she can’t bear the thought of having Franco’s baby, but can’t imagine the alternative.  She feels they were together so much in Hawaii that the odds are in their favor.  Jason says he’ll support her no matter what.   

Sonny is shot in the side. He hides behind his desk and leaves a message for Jason to come and help him.  Shawn shows up instead, having come to quit his job.  Shawn’s apparently able to see through clothing with his X-ray vision. He declares that the bullet went straight through. Sonny will be fine, but should get it checked out.  Sonny’s worried that will bring the cops to his door. 

Cassandra and Ewen argue about her relationship with Ethan as Helena listens from the tunnels.  Cassandra feels he’s keeping something from her and that he might be a danger to her.  She thinks he’s not telling her everything he’s found out about her.  Ewen warns her again to stay away from Ethan.  They hear a noise in the tunnels, so Ewen checks it out before leaving. 

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Lulu finds Ethan at the Star.  They talk about her wedding and how Luke is back.  Lulu’s a little upset that her father has been too busy to fit her into his schedule.  Ethan says he wished he could have been at her wedding.  Lulu talks about her new last name, Spencer-Falconeri, because she wants to honor her past and her future. 

Lulu says she wants to change the Star from a casino to an art gallery that she would run.  She says she’s trying to find her passion.  Ethan mentions being the new caretaker at Windemere and Lulu doesn’t understand his fascination with it.  He assures her that everyone in the Spencer-Cassadine war has moved on. 

Luke summons Alexis to the hotel restaurant and asks her about the Corinthos blow up on New Year’s Eve.  Alexis explains what happened then asks about Tracy’s marriage to Anthony.  Luke says he won’t stand in Tracy’s way. Tracy wanted to change him and their marriage didn’t last.  Alexis said he broke Tracy’s heart and if he lets Tracy marry Anthony he’s not the man Alexis thought he was.  She tells him to go and grovel for Tracy.

Maxie and Matt are getting ready for the woman behind the man photo shoot.  She tells him she’s proud of his accomplishments.  Matt wonders what she’s remembered about it.  When they get back from the shoot, she asks again about him moving in.  He understands that she’s lonely without Lulu, but he doesn’t want to invade her space.  Maxie’s says she’s scared living alone and talks about the stripper stalker and someone in a fedora. 

Matt feels moving in is a bit step and they need to do it for the right reasons.  Maxie yells that she saw someone at the window but Matt doesn’t see anyone.  Maxie swears she’s not making it up and doesn’t feel safe.  Matt heads out to go to work and someone in a fedora lurks in the hallway. 

Shawn wonders if Sonny pissed off anyone today.  Sonny says he warned Johnny to stay away from Michael.  Shawn feels Johnny or Anthony wouldn’t have missed.  Sonny thinks they would if it was just a warning.  Shawn figures it could just as easily be an amateur.

Jax is on the phone and tells whoever that he wasn’t able to accomplish what he needed to do. He will try again. 

I’m still putting money on Michael shooting at his father, to prove that anyone can be gotten too.