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How Much Does Tad Martin's 'Erection' Cost?

They didn't call him Tad The Cad for nothing! Soap superstar Michael E. Knight's post-Pine Valley career is positively bulging with new opportunities. The All My Children alum will be appearing in John Marans' play The Cost of the Erection at the Blank Theatre Company's Main Stage in Los Angeles beginning this Feb. 4.


Knight will star opposite DeVanity's Robin Riker in the theatrical production about a wealthy woman named Susu Ziegler (Riker) who "has purchased an exclusive Manhattan raw space apartment overlooking the Hudson. She hopes to have her architect husband design this tricky space, but with their marriage virtually on the rocks, she forces him to compete against a younger, hotshot architect.  This sexy, funny tale is told in a heightened theatrical style, compressing and playing with time and space and ultimately examines what makes marriages work. Or not work."

Watch a preview after the jump!

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