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Indecent Attractions: Should DAYS "Go There" With EJ and Will?!

Okay, don't act like we're the only ones who've noticed the highly-inappropriate, yet insanely-hot chemistry between closeted gay coed Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and his former stepfather EJ DiMera (James Scott) on Days of Our Lives! Ever since EJ flipped the script on Will—who tried to blackmail the dastardly DiMera about his recent romp with Will's mama dearest Sami (Alison Sweeney), by revealing that he knew it was Will, not Lucas (Bryan Datillo), who shot him all those years ago— we've been treated to scenes between Will and his new "Master" that threaten to burn up our LED screens.  


With hit primetime soaps like ABC's Revenge offering up delicious, omnisexual villains like the unstable Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and envelope-pushing cable sudsers like Shameless providing raunchy, dugout sex between a pair of gay teens, we can't help but wonder if DAYS and other soaps wouldn't benefit from broadening their sexual horizons?

We're not talking about the garden variety, preachy "coming out" storyline that seems to piss off Middle America so much, but instead a good, old-fashioned tail, er tale of blackmail, sex and seduction — only with same sex lovers and schemers. The Young and the Restless tried it a few years back with the character of Adam Newman (Michael Muhney), but ultimately chickened out. If soaps are gonna start competing with the antics of The Jersey Shore and all those cable TV "housewives," something has got to give. 

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Just imagine Sami reacting to the bombshell revelation that the man she loathes to love has seduced her first born son? Or, maybe it's Will who does the seducing? What do you guys think?

Should Days of Our Lives go there with Will and EJ?