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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu brings Dante breakfast at work and the two discuss the greatness of being married. Lulu is worried for Tracy, now that she’s planning on marrying Anthony.  Lulu knows Tracy loves Luke and wonders why Tracy’s doing it. She ponders the possibility that Anthony is holding something against her.  Dante offers to look into it, but Lulu turns him down, then heads out to a possible new job. 

Turns out Anthony is the one who grabbed Tracy and he is holding her on his yacht.  She promises she won’t press charges if he lets her go.  Anthony calls her “angel”, which Tracy despises, since it’s what Luke used to call Laura.  Anthony apologizes and offers to call her “Venus” instead.  Tracy points out that they didn’t get married on the 13th as planned. She has no intention of marrying him at all.

Anthony mentions his first wife Dominica. Tracy reminds him of her and how she always wanted to run things so he divorced her.  He tells Tracy that he won’t give up, no matter how many times she says no. He reminds her that he has evidence that can send her to federal prison.  Tracy offers to pay him back in full the money that she took from Gino, but Anthony doesn’t want that either. 

Tracy says she can’t stand him and doesn’t want to marry him.  Anthony says he doesn’t much care for her either, He’s ok with their mutual hatred being in the open.  Tracy wants him to dock somewhere, so she can stretch her legs and get married at city hall. However, Anthony wants to get married on board the boat. 

Shawn comes down to the diner to find TJ has broken in and is eating the food.  TJ feels Shawn owes him for having killed his father in the service.  TJ’s got a chip on his shoulder, but plans to stay.  Wilson interrupts them, then Lulu, who’s come to walk the dog.  Shawn agrees to have TJ stay with him.  When Lulu returns with the dog, she says she’s found her calling, opening a pet store. 

Kate has Johnny take a look at her car and John’s surprised that Sonny allowed it.  Carly shows up, so Kate leaves.  Johnny wonders why Carly bailed on their night.  She claims the nanny was sick and she had to stay home.  He asks about other commitments. Carly says Shawn was just a friend.  Johnny reminds her that if Jax is alive, she’s technically still a married woman.  He wonders if she wants to bail on their night together. 

Carly asks if Johnny has seen Michael. Johnny says he ran into him at Sonny’s office.  He thinks Carly told Sonny about their upcoming rendezvous, to avoid doing the deed. Carly assures him that she didn’t.  Carly is worried about Michael finding out and hating her.  Johnny claims Michael won’t find out from him.  Carly agrees, but not tonight because she needs to make arrangements.  Johnny asks if she doesn’t want to sleep with him or if she doesn’t want to admit that she wants to. 

Sonny summons Michael, to show him his gunshot wound. He says he thinks it was Johnny who did it and to stay away from the Zaccharas.  Sonny asks if Michael remembers how it feels to get shot, the business is too dangerous.  He asks why Michael looks like crap. Michael admits he hasn’t been sleeping, because he dreams of Abby.  Sonny assures him that he knows what that’s like and he needs time to get through it.  He talks about being shot as Kate arrives and overhears and is angry. 

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Sonny says it isn’t serious and that he wasn’t even planning on telling her about it.  He says he didn’t want to worry her or have her think the violence is too much and chase her away.  He wonders if it will. Kate says she knew they’d eventually come back to the real lives. She then jokes that she’s glad it was him this time, but asks if she’s next.  Sonny says he can’t promise to keep her safe, but will do everything to protect her because he can’t stand to lose her.  Kate says she came into this with eyes wide open, but asks that he not get shot again.

Michael heads into an alley and dumps/hides his gun in a garbage can. 

Matt shows up at work to cover Patrick’s shift, since he’s taken a sick day.  He wonders if Liz is seeing Ewen. She says she isn’t seeing anyone.  Matt tells her that Maxie asked him to move in and he turned her down.  Ewen shows up to talk to Liz.

They go into a supply closet. Ewen tells her to pretend it’s an elevator that can take her anywhere in time. He then asks her where she would be.  Liz says she’d be right here, which surprises Ewen.  Liz says she would never trade her children. She has a friend facing a health crisis and she’s grateful for what she has.  She feels you make the most of the time you have.  Ewen declares her cured. 

Delores tells Dante that she has an idea on how to catch their stripper abuser.  She wants to hire a profiler to see what they’re missing.  Dante’s skeptical at first, but realizes they need fresh eyes on this case.  In walks Ewen, who reads the case file. He tells them that the attacks are getting worse, the attacker is looking for attention and wants the credit.  He tells them there is more connection between the victims than just the dancing. 

Lulu shows up at the PCPD to tell Dante about her idea for a job, but she’s sneezing and breaking out in hives. She realizes that she’s allergic to dogs. 

When Ewen gets back to the hospital he notices that Liz looks calmer.  Matt thinks Ewen offering Liz a compliment is not being professional.  Liz says Ewen helped her out. She was upset earlier. Matt tells her that she can come to him if she ever needs to.  Later on, she tells Matt she has something to show him. Maxie shows up at the same time, saying the same thing.   

Carly’s on the phone with Luke, telling him that he needs to find something on Johnny before tomorrow night.

Johnny’s in his garage, cleaning his gun (totally not a euphemism!!)

Michael goes back to the garbage can in the alley and retrieves his gun.  I’m still putting money on him being the shooter.