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Alison Sweeney Hopeful Days of Our Lives Can "Continue to Fight the Fight"

One of daytime and primetime's busiest stars isn't ready to give up on her soap hub. In an interview withParade magazine, The Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney commiserated with fans of recently-cancelled sudser One Life to Live, but dug in her heels about the future of her own soap opera Days of Our Lives.


“It’s really hard to say goodbye to shows that have been a part of television for so long. As a member of Days of our Lives, I meet soap fans every day who talk about what a big part of their life it is and how they watched with their mom and their grandma. Those characters were a part of their family dynamic for their whole lives in some instances. So I know how hard it is for all those One Life to Live fans right now and how hard it is to say goodbye to something that’s been so close to their hearts.

"We’re just hopeful at Days of our Lives that we can continue to fight the fight and represent daytime and keep our characters on for as long as we possibly can. We want fans to know that we’re still there and we’re making the best show we possibly can. Hopefully NBC will believe in us and keep us on for a long time.”

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If Sweeney and her TV mama Deidre Hall (Marlena) keep giving us bombastic performances like the ones they turned in this week during a Marlena/Sami mama drama meltdown, we might be inclined to believe DAYS just may have a lot more life in it yet!