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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis and Molly meet with Shawn at Kelly’s.  He wants advice about TJ and mentions he had planned on leaving PC.  Carly overhears this and is angry he was going to leave without saying good bye.  Shawn introduces TJ.  Molly sits with him, to discuss going to school.  Alexis offers to call a friend, who is the principal to speed up his entry.

Molly sings Shawn’s praises, but TJ isn’t interested.  She talks about school and the positives. He says he has no intentions of going. 

Shawn assures Carly that he wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye. He’s staying because TJ is here now.  Carly is sure that helping TJ will be good for Shawn, he’s a positive role model.  Shawn says his current job does not make him positive.  Carly says her mother’s out of town and needs someone to run Kelly’s.  Shawn accepts the job and says he’s lucky to have her as a friend.  

Ewen runs into Alexis. He asks if he can rent Windemere and explains that it’s for a patient.  Alexis thinks it’s strange, but ultimately agrees to rent it to him. 

Jason has Spinelli check his connections and finds out that police discovered a charred body in the remains of Franco’s studio.  Spinelli wonders if Franco’s reign of terror is finally over. He asks why Jason doesn’t seem more relieved.  Ethan shows up to see Spin, so Jason leaves.

Ethan asks Spinelli to find out information on Cassandra.  Spinelli’s wonders if Ethan is ready to hear whatever he finds. Cassandra could have some terrible secrets she’s hiding.  Ethan says he needs to know. 

Sam has a nightmare about Franco and being pregnant.  When Jason gets home, she tells him about it and says she hates feeling scared and weak.  Sam says she needs to decide what to do about the baby.  She wants the baby to be Jason’s. She wonders how she can carry and love this child if it isn’t.  Jason asks if she wants to end the pregnancy. 

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Maxie has the photos of her and Matt from the shoot. She claims that everyone can see the chemistry between them.  Liz has the research magazine that Matt’s paper was published in.  Maxie claims she knows all about the research. Liz urges her to explain it, which Maxie ultimately can’t.  Maxie doesn’t care, because she’s just going to frame the photo shoot and put it on their wall.  Liz asks if they’re living together. She reminds Maxie that she accused Liz of being afraid to live alone. 

Maxie claims she has a stalker, but Matt says he didn’t see anyone.  She points out to Matt that Liz made her look bad.  Matt says she doesn’t care about his research. He doesn’t have time for her talk of a stalker.  Maxie says she might have done something to invite the dark in and now she’s worried.  Matt tells her to talk to Mac.  Maxie says she’ll find someone to help her. 

Sonny follows Kate to the Metro Court restaurant and they argue.  She says she needs some time and that she doesn’t want to do this anymore.  I get whiplash, because I thought they were doing fine the last time we saw them.  Then I think they got old Dante-Lulu scripts. Apparently it`s their turn to break up one day and make up the next.  Then, I thought they were creating a fake argument to look like they had broken up, for the sake of his enemies. However, after sitting through the whole thing, looks like it was legit. 

Sonny’s sorry he was shot at. He promises to do everything to keep her safe.  She says she can’t be a gangster’s girlfriend and watch him die.  She says she forgot that she wasn’t equipped to deal with his life. She can’t do it anymore and wants to move on. Sonny admits he handled the shooting wrong. He should have called and told her, but he was afraid she would panic, like she’s doing now. 

Kate feels they aren’t compatible. He can’t charm his way into her good graces.  She cares about him, but can’t make him the center of her life. Sonny says they all have regrets, but that he’s proud of who she’s become. He’s never asked her to compromise herself for him.  Kate says she doesn’t know how much more she can handle and needs time to think. 

Olivia wants to discuss their relationship with Steve, but he gets paged back to the hospital.  He’s worried that someone will notice he’s wearing the same clothes he was in the day before.  Olivia tells him he should leave some clothes at her place for that purpose. She offers to drive him to work. 

At the hospital, Olivia gets annoyed when she finds out that Maggie was the one who paged Steven, to check one of her patients.  After Steven leaves with Maggie, Liz asks why she’s so upset. Olivia says she hopes Maggie didn’t use an injured child to get to Steve.  As she’s leaving, Steve stops her. He says he’ll be helping Maggie with the patient and that he’ll be awhile. 

Matt goes back to Liz. He thanks her for getting him the journal and says she’s been his biggest supporter.  Liz asks about Maxie. Matt says Maxie can’t even pretend to care about his research.  Liz says she’s proud of him.

Maxie goes to Spinelli and tells him she’s reconsidered and wants him for her roommate.

Sam tells Jason she can already feel her body changing, but she doesn’t want Franco’s baby.  Jason tells her to stop thinking about Franco, the baby could be his.  Sam says she feels her anger and hatred for Franco will transfer to the baby. She can’t live this way.  After calling Kelly, Sam says there’s a paternity test she can take because she needs to know.