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General Hospital's Chad Duell Tweets Denial Over Michael Recast Rumors!


General Hospital star Chad Duell says rumors of his ouster have been greatly exaggerated. he didn't exactly say that. In fact, all he tweeted was "I'm not," when asked by fans if he was really being recast as mob scion Michael Corinthos III.

The gossip about Duell possibly leaving the soap began after casting sides went out for an 18-24 character named "Erik," who has something to prove to Jason and wants to join the mob. You have to admit, that does sound an awful lot like our tortured, spiky-haired Quarter-Cortinthos, but according to Duell he ain't going nowhere!

What do you guys think? Is GH planning to ditch Duell and just keeping the actor out of the loop? Or for once is an actor the first to know what's going on with his job? Sound off in the comments!

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