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The Revolution Ratings Bleed Out Continues; Down a Whopping 35 Percent From One Life to Live's January 2011 Numbers!

This oughta teach ABC about letting the man who developed some mess called Southern Belles: Louisville shepherd the changing of the guard for their daypart away from scripted programming. Ousted network asshat Brian Frons' pet project The Revolution continues to belly flop in the Nielsens.


 According to TV Media Insights, the lifestyle series lost 25 percent of The Chew's lead-in audience Tuesday and Wednesday, and is down 35 percent from where cancelled sudser One Life to Live was in the same timeslot a year ago. Now sure, the rhetoric tossers at ABC—who've been itching to ditch soaps for years—will argue that since The Revolution is cheaper to produce than a sudser, things aren't so bad.  I'd love to see the numbers on how much money Mickey Mouse has shelled out marketing and promoting this stinkbomb though. Something tells me OLTL would still come out the better buy.

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ABC rarely ever spent so much as a wooden nickel to promote their redheaded step soap (Which still managed to rise to the top of the ratings during the last season of the network's three soaps/one talker lineup!), yet The Revolution has had one of the most aggressive advertising campaigns in recent daytime TV history — complete with a licensed song from Pink. Too bad they can't fire Fronsie twice for this madness.

Photo credit: ABC