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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny tells Jason about being shot. He thinks Johnny is responsible and wants to retaliate quickly.  Jason’s not in a hurry to get rid of Johnny. He points out Anthony will retaliate.  Sonny says to get rid of Anthony first. He claims Johnny keeps coming at him through his kids. He doesn’t want Kate to be hurt again.  Sonny says Jason needs to take Johnny out.

Jason says he can’t, he’s been having problems with his left hand and he passed out.  Sonny wonders if he’s really sick or finding a reason not to take Johnny out.  Jason says he’ll look into it. He says Johnny wouldn’t have missed at that range and it feels like an amateur.  Jason says if they go after Johnny and they’re wrong, it will be just like what happened with Jax. 

Michael goes to Johnny and lets him know that the police released the stripper suspect. He wants them to take care of the guy themselves. Michael tells him that Sonny was shot, but doesn’t think Johnny is responsible.  Johnny seems surprised at this news and points out Michael shouldn’t be involved in the violence.  Michael feels since he grew up in the business, he’s done asking permission.  Johnny points out that Michael is too emotional. Then he sees Michael’s gun and asks what Michael is planning to do with it. 

Johnny asks if this is what Abby would have wanted. He then tells Michael not to do anything crazy, they’ll discuss this again tonight.  Michael says he hopes tonight is not too late for another girl. 

Anthony gives Tracy a wedding dress and declares today their wedding day.  He also says they’ll stay at sea for their honeymoon.  Tracy’s had enough. She decides to leave, but is blocked at the door by a big guy.  Tracy assumes he is there to stop her, but Anthony claims he’s a minister, who’s going to marry them. 

Carly calls Luke to see if he has any information on Johnny.  Luke asks about his suite at the hotel. She says she’ll give it to him when she’s gotten her information.  Jax watches as Carly and Josslyn interact.  Carly tells Luke that she can’t stall Johnny forever. Luke swears he’s working on it. 

Dante comes home with flowers for Lulu. She feels she has no reason to get up, because she doesn’t have a job or the prospects for one.  Dante assures her there’s no rush, she’ll find what she’s looking for.  Lulu asks about the stripper case and if they have any leads.  Dante says they think the strangler isn’t finished. Lulu asks if she should be careful.  

Ethan and Cassandra are frolicking at Windemere, when they hear someone come in.  Cassandra hides, while Ewen and Ethan argue about her.  Ewen tells Ethan not to see Cassandra anymore. Ethan says she’s a grown woman.  Ewen counters that she’s fragile and they have no idea who she is.  Ewen wants her to focus on finding out her past. He says he’s moving in with his staff.  Cassandra shows herself and says no one asked if she wanted to move in. 

Cassandra assures Ewen that there’s nothing between her and Ethan. She decides she wants to stay, because there’s something about the house that is drawing her in. 

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Shawn gets called down to the PCPD to pick up TJ. He’s been arrested for stealing a car.  Alexis shows up and brokers a deal with Mac to release TJ to Shawn.  TJ gets lippy with Alexis, who says he needs to show her respect and not to swear in her presence.  She tells him she’s handled more bad asses than him, including Sonny.  TJ asks who Sonny is. 

Luke calls his contact to hurry up with the information on Johnny.  Luke gets information from Skye. He reads it and claims it isn’t what he was expecting.  Luke calls someone to confirm the info. 

Rinelle runs into Carly at Kelly’s. The two talk about Shawn.  Rinelle says she’s not with Shawn. Carly admits to the same.  Johnny arrives and tells Carly that Michael came to see him, asking for a job.  Carly reminds him of their deal and decides it will happen tonight. She says she’ll meet him at his place in ten minutes. 

Shawn sees Carly and tells her that he needs help with a teenager.  Carly says she can’t help right now, but offers to check back in with him. TJ hits on Rinelle. Shawn tells him that he needs to be respectful and to follow his rules.  TJ asks about Sonny. Shawn tells him to mind his business. 

Michael runs into Rinelle. He assures her that he will do something to protect Abby’s friends.  He shows her a picture of the guy the police had in custody and explains that he’s been released.  Rinelle says she’s seen him at the club and that he got tossed out.  Michael tells her not to be afraid anymore. 

Alexis thanks Mac for going easy on TJ.  He says he remembers what it was like raising a teenager. He thanks her for calling him a good man.  He asks Alexis if she’s okay, after her outburst earlier, and asks her to dinner.  She says she’s busy, but will call him. 

Dante tells Mac that he’s going over the evidence in the stalker case, because he thinks they’re missing something.  He mentions Delores bringing in a profiler, the stalker is getting angrier and the next victim may not survive. 

Lulu takes an online quiz about the perfect job.  It eventually tells her that she should get a job in sales. Lulu realizes it was all a scam, then notices that she drank a whole bottle of wine while doing the quiz. 

Carly’s waiting to hear from Luke, but when she doesn’t, she goes to Johnny’s apartment.  He thinks she’s eager to get it over with.  Carly says she’s making the best of the circumstances. They start to make out.  Carly misses a call from Luke.  Luke figures, since he didn’t get a hold of Carly, that someone else will make use of the information he’s gotten. 

Jason tells Sonny that the mistake he made with Jax is he didn’t think ahead. Now they can with Johnny.  Sonny claims again that Johnny tried to kill him. If he doesn’t retaliate, he’ll look weak.  Jason wants to take time to investigate and do it right.  Sonny says he read that Franco died in a fire and feels that wasn’t Jason most discreet job.   Jason assures him that things will be arranged properly.

Michael heads into an alley and pulls his gun when he hears someone coming.  That someone is Jax.