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Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner Head to Court Over Domestic Dispute

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Could domestic violence be the real cause of Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner's breakup? TMZ is reporting the former couple have a date with the L.A. City Attorney's Office to find out if they will be charged with criminal battery. According to the site, the Los Angeles Police Department has a file created on the actors after they were called to Wagner's house last month. Police claim they came out to the house after Locklear and The Bold and the Beautiful star got into an argument and altercation. A police officer tells TMZ,

She lost it on him and he retaliated.

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By the time the police arrived on the scene both Locklear and Wagner reportedly refused to press charges. Unfortunately for the pair, the file was still given to the city attorney to determine if charges should be filed. Both actors must make an appearance with prosecutors to tell what really took place. Then it will be decided if the case should proceed or be dismissed.

Heather Locklear photo by PR Photos.