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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz asks Patrick if he’s heard from Robin, but he says they keep missing each other.  He tells her about his patient with ALS, whose family is there to support her.  Patrick wants Robin to want him by her side.  He says he’s scared, sad, angry and she doesn’t trust him.  Liz feels Robin was trying to protect him and wanted to spare him the worry.  Patrick gets a call from Robin, who says she’s been delayed, but is on her way home. She wants him to meet her there, because she has something to tell him.

Michael asks why Jax is in town. Jax asks why Michael’s carrying a gun.  Michael says he needs it for something, but it hasn’t worked out.  Jax believes that it’s his fault Michael is not in a good place.  Jax says he heard about Abby. He offers his condolences and admits Michael did see him in Auckland.  Michael explains why he was there. He wants to know why Jax left and let them think he was dead.  Michael accuses Carly of lying, but Jax says she didn’t know for certain that he was alive. She made the choices out of love for her kids. 

Michael says it’s been difficult thinking that Jax was dead, listening to Morgan cry and Joss call out for her father.  He says Carly didn’t sign the divorce papers. They loved each other.  Jax says it didn’t work and still won’t.  Michael doesn’t want Jax to leave again, saying lots of people care for him.  Jax says Sonny blames him for Brenda leaving. Sonny would have killed him.  Michael assures him that things are different with Sonny and mentions him being shot.  Jax wonders if Michael thinks he did it, but Michael doesn’t. He offers to talk to Sonny on Jax’s behalf.

Jax says he’s not abandoning them. He needs Michael to take care of Morgan, Josslyn and Carly.  He asks Michael to stay out of trouble.  Jax asks Michael not to let anyone know he was in town.  He tells Michael to be a man, good at his word. Michael realizes Jax showed up for him and thanks him.  Jax admits that the adults in Michael’s life messed things up and he needs to get it right.  Jax tells Michael to get rid of the gun, and Michael promises to do it. 

Johnny stops the kissing and Carly wonders if he’s playing games since she’s a willing participant.  Johnny says he’s doing the right thing and letting her off the hook.  Carly says they had a deal. However, However, Johnny says there is no deal. He’s not going after Michael.  Johnny says he’s not using Michael or Carly. 

Carly wonders if it was all a test, but Johnny tells her to focus on Michael, who’s falling far. He says it isn’t easy being born into this life and mentions Claudia.  Carly wonders how Johnny can stand the fact that her son killed his sister, but Johnny says Michael did what his father taught him to do.  Johnny says Michael is safe from him. He wonders if she’s disappointed that he ended things. 

Carly says Johnny’s a decent guy and asks again if he’s going to leave Michael alone.  Johnny says someone needs to break the cycle. He thinks she deserves more.  Carly says she has her kids, her job and thanks him.  They kiss before she leaves. 

Sonny’s on the phone telling someone to give him updates on the Zaccharas, the Solitos and Jax.  Luke shows up, saying he’s got information Sonny will want.  Luke says it’s about the Zaccharas, so Sonny’s interest is piqued. He wonders if Luke’s running a con.  Luke swears he wouldn’t run a con on his friend and hands him the envelope.  Sonny reads the paper and does a double take.   

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Sonny asks if it’s a joke, but Luke assures him that it isn’t.  Sonny asks if Anthony or Johnny know that he has the information. Luke says no.  Sonny offers to transfer money to Luke’s offshore account in exchange for the information.  Luke asks Sonny to keep Dante out of the business for Lulu’s sake.  Sonny promises to do his best. He asks what Luke is doing about Tracy’s wedding to Anthony.  Luke assures him he has something planned.

Kate wants to give Olivia some old Crimson dresses, but Olivia feels they aren’t her taste. She doesn’t want the charity.  Kate says she’s making amends, trying to put her past behind her.   Olivia asks about the restaurant, but Kate says the old plans have been scrapped in favor of new ones.  Olivia thinks Kate’s warning her off of Sonny and then comments that Connie was happier than Kate seems to be. Kate agrees. 

Kate says she can’t turn back now and be editor of the magazine as Connie.  Olivia wonders if she can be Kate and be happy.  Kate mentions Sonny being shot and says she’s not okay.  Olivia tells her that she can’t strand Sonny again, she needs to tell him how she feels.  Olivia leaves the room to try on a dress.  Kate calls someone, tells them she needs to see them again and to meet at the airport.  She says she feels like she’s at a crossroads and the next move might break her. 

Anthony complains to Tracy that they’re getting married in an hour and she isn’t dressed.  He wants everything to be extra special, so he’s brought Maxie out to the boat to help Tracy get ready.  Once Anthony leaves the room, Tracy wants Maxie to help her get off the boat.  Tracy tells her she’s being held against her will and fights Maxie for her cell phone.  Father Gumba breaks them up. Tracy says she’s been kidnapped, but Gumba doesn’t help her either. 

While waiting for Robin to get home, Liz helps Patrick by putting Emma to bed. She then tries to straighten up the house, but Patrick assures her that he’s fine.  He thinks he should have gotten flowers or chocolates for Robin, but Liz says all Robin needs is him.  She tells him to love Robin no matter what.  Liz leaves and Robin gets home.  Patrick says he’s glad she is.

Tracy says she wants Anthony arrested, which Anthony overhears and isn’t happy about it.  Tracy and Maxie realize he’s blackmailing both of them.  Anthony doesn’t want to keep Father Gumba waiting. He wants the ceremony to start.

Maxie helps Tracy with her wedding dress and thinks that Anthony actually cares about Tracy.  Anthony shows up and Father Gumba begins the ceremony. 

Kate’s sitting at the airport bar, waiting to meet whoever, when she turns and Jax is standing beside her.

John’s on the phone telling someone Michael doesn’t work for them and he’s off limits, no matter what Anthony may have told them.  Sonny shows up. Johnny wonders what he’s being accused of this time.  Sonny says it’s the first time that he feels sorry for Johnny.

Father Gumba gets to the “does anyone object” part of the ceremony and when Tracy goes to speak, Anthony shushes her. He says no one objects, but  Luke shows up, much to Tracy’s happiness.