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Hillary B. Smith Dishes B&B Role And OLTL Finale

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Just what should fans expect when Hillary B. Smith debuts on The Bold and The Beautiful? The soap alum gives TVLine the skinny on her role as sex therapist Dr. Stacy Burton.


TVLINE | Do you know who you’ll be working with on Bold and the Beautiful?

I have not seen a script yet, but Brad [Bell] called and gave me a little thumbnail sketch of who I’d be working with and what I’d be doing. I’m going to be working very closely with a contract player and helping them deal with a crisis, so that works for me.

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Smith also reveals her thoughts on how One Life To Live went off the air.

TVLINE | How do you feel about the way One Life to Live wrapped things up? Was it a fitting conclusion, in your eyes?

I think there was unfortunately a lot of running around and fixing things. They had an ending in mind and then Prospect Park bought the rights and they changed a lot of the ending so that it could continue… So, that was very difficult and was probably really hard for [headwriter] Ron [Carlivati]. And then when the rug got pulled out again [when Prospect Park canceled their plan], they had from Thanksgiving until it aired [in January] to move things around and try to get some sort of closure. I think they did a remarkable job considering how the ending was supposed to go and how it did go. I tip my hat to them.

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