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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Rafe Turns to Carrie!

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Austin/Carrie/Rafe/Sami: Madison tells Brady all about her plan to use Sami as her insider at Countess W. Rafe discovers what his wife is up to, and is not thrilled by it. He isn't used to seeing the sneaky side of his wife. On the other hand, Sami is loving her role as a double agent. Meanwhile, The Reeds are also having some issues in their marriage. They can't find time to spend with each other, due to Carrie's job. Austin makes a crack about Carrie spending more time with Rafe, before heading off for lunch and ends up sharing it with someone else... 


Sami screws up Countess W's photo shoot. As this takes place, Rafe and Carrie work together to clear a kid of arson charges. Sami calls Rafe to talk, but he ends their conversation quickly, saying he has to deal with work. Rafe and Carrie save the day by finding new evidence to clear their client. After the D.A. lets them know the charges will be dismissed,  Rafe and Carrie share a hug. Later, Rafe starts to plan little Sydney's birthday party and Carrie helps. 

Sydney's party hits a snag when the prince and princess characters she wanted aren't able to perform. A quick thinking Rafe and Carrie decide to dress up as the characters to save the day. Kayla informs them that the characters take part in a ballroom dance, leading Rafe and Carrie to practice. The two start to feel the heat between each other, and this time it isn't because of a broken thermostat!

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