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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick confronts Robin about not being at a conference, how she’s actually the patient.  Robin realizes Liz told him the truth. She says she didn’t want him to find out.  Patrick asks why she didn’t tell him. He says she’s supposed to tell him everything.  Robin admits she was scared. She wanted one wonderful Christmas with Emma.  He asks if she trusts him. Robin says she does.  She admits she was in Seattle, seeing an infectious disease doctor, who has put her on a third protocol. They should know in a few weeks what the prognosis will be.

Patrick asks again why she wouldn’t let him help her.  Robin feels he would have tried to fix something he couldn’t.  She says she watched Stone die and didn’t want that for her family.  Robin admits she’s scared.  Patrick warns her no more secrets. He asks if Lisa is responsible.  Robin says there’s no way to know for sure. Patrick feels guilty.  Patrick says she can’t have Liz replace her. He asks if that’s what Jason wanted to tell him.

Robin admits she asked Jason to help her disappear and that he refusead.  Robin says she wanted Liz to help him, to be there as a friend.  Patrick wonders where she would have gone and that she needs to live her life.  He promises they’ll beat this and that he’ll be there with her.  Robin feels this protocol has to work and promises not to take off again. 

Sonny claims that Anthony isn’t Johnny’s father. He hands him the birth certificate.  Johnny reads that Gino Solito is actually his father. He accuses Sonny of messing with his head and getting Spinelli to doctor the document.  Sonny says it’s legit.  Johnny brings up the fact that Michael isn’t biologically Sonny’s son and  he came looking to the Zaccharas for a family.  Sonny doesn’t want to hear about Michael. He points out that the birth certificate does not say that Maria is Johnny’s mother, but that Claudia is. 

Steven lets Maggie know that the young girl should be okay. Maggie hugs him and says she can always count on him.  Steve points out that she didn’t need him, that she could have trusted her other co workers.  Maggie mentions something they used to do to blow off steam. At first Steve doesn’t want to go down memory lane, but soon they’re both on the roof of the hospital, throwing paper airplanes off.  Olivia finds them up there. Maggie heads out and Steve explains that they were blowing off steam.  The two kiss and dance. 

Sam’s waiting to speak with Kelly and asks Jason not to say anything to anyone about the baby until they know the results of the paternity test.  Kelly tells them that they’ll take some of the baby’s cells and match or rule out Jason.  Kelly warns them that the procedure is invasive and can cause a miscarriage.  Jason defers to Sam, who says she needs to know the truth and agrees to the test. 

Kate feels Jax looks good for someone who should be dead.  Jax points out that if Sonny had his way, he would be dead. Kate defends Sonny, saying Jax is wrong about him. Sonny isn’t the man Jax thinks he is.  Jax says he knows she’s dating Sonny again and asks if it’s serious, because he’s concerned about her. 

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Kate claims that Sonny has come a long way and that he was out of control because Brenda left.  Jax tells her to do as Brenda did, but Kate says Brenda left because of her son and Kate doesn’t have kids to worry about.  Kate accuses Carly of having turned on Sonny and turning the kids against him.  Jax gets tired of talking about Sonny. He says he has a business proposition for her. 

We don’t hear what that is, but then Jax figures the man Kate’s meeting isn’t Sonny.  His flight gets called, so he leaves. He asks her not to tell anyone that she saw him.  Kate calls whoever she’s meeting, yells at them for being late and not to make things difficult for her. 

Tracy asks if Luke is there to stop the wedding, but Luke just wants to be a guest. Tracy tries to stop the wedding again. She wants to incorporate tradition into the ceremony.  Maxie pulls an old garter out of her purse for the something old, something blue, but Tracy isn’t interested.  Maxie offers herself for maid of honor duties and Luke as best man. 

Tracy glares at Luke, as the minister goes through the rest of the vows.  Luke prompts them to kiss, but then looks uncomfortable when Tracy goes for it with Anthony.  Everyone poses for pictures, ones that have Tracy looking angry in every one. 

Liz is surprised to run into Jason at the hospital.  He says he’s there for a procedure, but not that it’s Sam.  Liz asks, but then apologizes for prying.  She asks if he’s heard from Robin, which he hasn’t.  Jason tells her that Robin asked for his help.  Liz says it’s a blessing being a parent. 

Sam comes out of her procedure and Jason asks how it went.  Kelly shows up and says they’ll get the results in about 10 days.  When they leave, Liz says she hopes they get the results they want, which startles Sam, but then Liz says for Jason’s tests.

Sonny points out that Johnny is still a Zacchara, just not the way that he thought.  He points out that Anthony pimped Claudia out to his business associate.  Johnny tells him to shut his mouth and pulls a gun.  Sonny says this wouldn’t have happened if Johnny hadn’t broken the truce and shot him.  Johnny says Sonny’s going to die tonight.  Sonny points out that he didn’t come in guns blazing and put a bullet in Johnny’s chest. He came with the truth.   

Sonny tells him to verify the information, but that everything he’s saying is true.   Sonny leaves and Johnny sits there, looking gobsmacked.

Question of the day:  If Johnny is now part Zacchara, part Solito, doesn’t that just make him stronger than he was when he was just a Zacchara?  Seems Sonny would have wanted to sit on that info.