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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly calls Luke to tell him that she no longer needs info on Johnny and to stop the scam. Luke tells her she’s too late.  She asks what he did and what he found out, but Luke doesn’t tell her. 

Johnny heads out to the registration office, to authenticate the birth certificate. He finds out that it is the original and it is the truth.

Michael goes to Sam, to hire her before he does something stupid.  Sam tells him to go to Dante. However, Michael feels the police are not doing enough.  He says he doesn’t want to get into trouble.  Sam asks what kind of trouble. Michael shows her his gun.  Michael blames himself again for Abby’s death and how he’s having a hard time without her.  Sam says Abby would freak out if she knew he had a gun.  Michael swears he isn’t going to use it and will throw it in the harbor.  Sam offers to help catch the stripper strangler. 

Matt shows up at Maxie’s, but she gives him the cold shoulder. She claims she doesn’t appreciate being ignored or taken for granted and that he treated her like crap when she showed up at the hospital.  Spinelli comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of cereal. Matt is shocked to find out that Spin has moved in and isn’t going anywhere. 

Maxie says she asked Spin to move in, because she was worried about the guy in the fedora, who always seems to be there when she opens her door.  Matt doesn’t believe her, so she opens her door and screams that he’s there.  Matt and Spin run out after him, only to have Mr. Fedora drag them back in.  Turns out he was hired by Anthony to protect Maxie, which makes Maxie happy.  After he leaves, Matt asks why Anthony would hire someone for Maxie. Spin wonders what her relationship is to Anthony. 

Anthony complains that their wedding night wasn’t consummated. Tracy claims it never will be.  She knows she married him because of the SCC threat, but thinks he married her to get his hands on ELQ trust, which Tracy claims will never happen.  Tracy says she’ll make him so miserable that he’ll beg for a divorce. 

Luke shows up with their room service and proceeds to eat their food, which makes Anthony rather testy, but thrills Tracy.  Luke says he’s also staying at the hotel because of a favor that Carly owes him.  Anthony gives Luke money to leave, but Tracy thinks Luke’s there for a reason. She asks if their divorce is a fake, but Luke says it’s legit, as is her wedding to Anthony. 

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Anthony says he’s going to pick up his stuff, so he can move into the Q mansion with Tracy.  Luke finds that amusing and wonders if Anthony trusts Tracy to be alone with Luke.  Anthony warns Luke to wait for an invitation next time, rather than just showing up.  Luke doesn’t scare easily. 

Kate runs into Lulu at the Metro Court restaurant, job searching.  Kate offers Lulu her old job back, but Lulu feels fashion isn’t her passion.  Olivia comes over to snark out Kate, who then leaves. Olivia wonders why Lulu’s drinking wine for breakfast.  Lulu says she’s just testing out a new wine that Carly mentioned and says it’s almost lunch.  Olivia asks about the job hunting and offers her one at the Metro Court. However, Lulu wants to hold out for the right thing.  Olivia says Lulu can always sell the Haunted Star, but Lulu wants to hold onto it, just in case Luke shows his face again.  Olivia says he’s back in town, which Lulu knows. She is surprised to find out he’s staying at the hotel.  Lulu admits that it might be early to drink wine, but she’s stressed out.  Olivia says she’s butting out, but tells her never to drink alone. 

Kate runs into Sonny, who says he hasn’t heard from her. Kate says she needed time to think.  She’s decided she’s not bailing on him, but asks that he not get shot again and wonders if it was Johnny.  Sonny tells her that Johnny has been handled.  Kate tells him that she offered Lulu her old job back. Sonny acknowledges that he tried to give the newlyweds money, but they turned him down.  He invites her to dinner, but Kate says she’s going out of town for business and will be back in a couple of days. 

Sonny asks Lulu where Kate likes to stay when she’s on business.  Lulu gives him the information.  Sonny tells her that Dante is happy with her and he appreciates that. 

Carly goes to Johnny’s to thank him again for ending their deal.  He’s distracted by the birth certificate and not in a good mood.  He thinks she wants something from him, because everyone has a price.  Carly wonders if he’s had a run in with Anthony, Sonny or Luke.  Johnny wonders why she would say Luke, so Carly backtracks.  She thanks him again for Michael and asks again what’s wrong.  Carly says she cares, since he was good to her kid and for her; it’s all about a mother’s instinct to protect their child. 

Johnny snarks about family and she admits that Anthony likely wasn’t a typical father.  Johnny mentions his father trying to kill him and getting his mother instead.  Carly says she owes him and if he needs someone to talk to, to let her know. 

Jason stops by to see Robin. She tells him about her trip to Seattle and coming clean with Patrick.  She asks about him, and he claims he’s feeling better. However, when she mentions having read about Franco in the paper, Jason’s hand tenses up again.  She points it out to him and he admits he feels the anger coming.  Robin says she cares about him and wonders what he’s angry about, since Franco is dead and can’t hurt anyone anymore. 

After Anthony leaves, Tracy reminds Luke about the ring he gave her and the night he proposed.  Luke wonders if she has regrets and she admits that she does.  She asks if Luke has regrets and he nods yes.  Tracy tells him she’s still angry that he didn’t stop her wedding.  Luke points out that there were armed guards everywhere and he couldn’t do anything.  Tracy wonders how she got into this mess and worries about bringing Anthony home.  Luke assures her that everything will turn out fine.

Anthony gets home and complains to Johnny that he didn’t come to the wedding. He says a son should be there for his father.  Johnny angrily tells Anthony never to call him son again.