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Brad and Colleen Bell to Co-Host $35,800-Per-Plate Obama Fundraiser at Their Sprawling Holmby Hills Crib!


Yes the Bells can — raise a ton of money to help President Barack Obama's re-election bid, that is! According to the The Hollywood Reporter, A-list comedian Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin are co-sponsoring a $35,800-per-person dinner for Obama on Feb. 15. The fundraiser will be held at the posh, Holmbly Hills pad of soap royalty Brad and Colleen Bell. Musical acts are currently being lined up for a concert earlier that evening on the Bell lawn in Obama's honor. The pricetag for that event is $250.

The story goes on to reveal the wife of The Bold and the Beautiful's showrunner is one of the president's top Hollywood "bundlers." Somewhere Maria Arena Bell just screamed at a magical, talking mirror and inquired about hiring a huntsman.

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Shakers and movers who pay a little extra to attend the Bells' dinner ($71,600) will get two tickets to a 2012 Democrat speaker series and the chance to party with First Lady Michelle Obama on Jan. 31 at a private reception. They'll also get a photo opportunity and the chance to dine with POTUS and wife at Brad and Colleen's estate on February 15.

THR goes on to report that with so many Hollywood big wigs currently pissed at Obama for not supporting anti-piracy bill SOPA, fundraisers like this one will "send a strong message" to MPAA President Chris Dodd, who has been outspoken in her criticism of the president for not standing with Big Hollyweird.