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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos to Brandon Barash and Bruce Weitz’s performances today.  They had difficult material to sell us, but they did a bang up job. 

Anthony wonders why Johnny’s so angry. Johnny yells at him, saying they both know Anthony isn’t his father. He knows the truth of where he came from.  Anthony immediately knows that Sonny’s behind this. He reminds Johnny that nothing Sonny says can be trusted.   Johnny’s even angrier that he had to hear it from Sonny. He points out that he has proof, showing the birth certificate. 

Anthony says the document was doctored, but Johnny says it’s legitimate. It says Gino Solito is his father. He wants Anthony to start being honest and own up to it.  Anthony starts to play dumb, but Johnny says his mind is perfectly fine. He wonders how anyone could do that to their own daughter.  He asks how old Claudia was when Anthony used her as a bargaining chip. He thought she was his sister, until he saw the document. 

Anthony claims Claudia was no innocent, she was born bad.  Johnny asks again how old she was when she was being pimped out. He grabs Anthony’s scarf and starts to choke him.  Johnny stops, saying he should have killed him.  He says Claudia didn’t deserve what Anthony did to her.  Anthony says there was no controlling Claudia. He needed blackmail leverage on Gino; Claudia offered to sleep with him. 

Johnny feels Claudia didn’t have to die, but Anthony feels she would have ended up that way anyway. She was flawed and sought trouble.  Johnny yells that Claudia was his mother and he never knew it.  Anthony apologizes for sending Claudia away, but he couldn’t risk her telling Johnny the truth.  He says Claudia was not mother material. 

Anthony explains that Gino had something on him. After he got the leverage, he was planning on killing Gino and taking his money. However, Tracy married Gino and cleaned him out after he died.  Johnny understands now why Anthony treated Claudia the way he did. She failed to get him the money and he was stuck raising Johnny. 

Anthony swears that Johnny was a miracle and the heir that he always wanted.  Johnny reminds him that Anthony pulled a gun on him.  Anthony says he was out of his mind then. He never hated Johnny.  Johnny says Maria wasn’t even his mother, yet she gave her life for him.  Anthony admits Maria was a wonderful woman and could have been their salvation.  He says he doesn’t care that Johnny is his grandson and not his son. He built everything for Johnny and they’ll get through this.  Johnny tells Anthony to get out of his house and never return or he will kill him.  Anthony leaves and Johnny breaks down in tears. 

Cassandra and Ethan talk about boring stuff.  They want to go out, even though she’s expecting Ewen for a session.  She leaves Ewen a message and the two duck out. 

Michael shows up at the PCPD, asking if they have another suspect.  Dante reminds him they didn’t have enough evidence to tie to the attacks. Dante accuses Michael of being obsessed.  Michael says he hasn’t been sleeping. Dante offers to let him crash at his place, but Michael says he has plans.  

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Ronnie snarks at Delores for letting the suspect go.  She points out there wasn’t enough evidence.  Michael gets tired of the fighting and takes off.  Dante tells Ronnie to watch what he says around Michael. He tells him to stop treating Delores badly.  Ronnie snarks that Dante is defending Delores’ honor, as Olivia arrives and hears. 

Jason finds Sam at the office. He reminds her that Kelly said she’d need to rest.  Sam says she’s been obsessing over the results. She swears she isn’t thinking about Franco, despite a newspaper article about him on her desk. 

Molly offers to tutor TJ.  Shawn thanks Alexis who is worried about TJ’s influence on her impressionable daughter.  Shawn assures her that he won’t let TJ hurt Molly. He would appreciate Molly’s help. 

TJ and Molly argue about her lack of friends.  Ethan and Cassandra show up. Molly’s all over them, gushing about Cass when she hears that Cass has been staying at Windemere.  Alexis introduces herself to Cassandra, aware that she’s the patient Ewen was discussing with her.  Ethan and Cassandra head over to a carnival for the day.  When they get back to Windemere, Ewen’s waiting.   Cassandra leaves the men to discuss her, which includes her ability to shoot.  Ewen warns Ethan that he’s playing a dangerous game. 

Tracy finds Lulu at the restaurant. Lulu says she was worried and asks if Tracy went through with the wedding.  Lulu wonders why Tracy would remarry, if she’s still in love with Luke.  Tracy says Luke showed up, but didn’t stop the wedding.  Lulu asks if Anthony is blackmailing her. Tracy says she was trying to stall. 

Jason overhears Sam asking about test results over the phone, but she says she was asking about his results, which aren’t back yet.  He tells her not to worry. She reminds him that if this baby is his, he/she will need Jason.  Sam tells Jason about Michael wanting to hire her to catch the strangler. She says Michael had a gun.  Jason heads off to find Michael. 

Olivia asks Dante about his fight with Lulu, since Lulu’s drinking wine in the middle of the day.  Dante says they aren’t fighting. Lulu’s going through a stressful time job searching and if she needs a bit of wine, it’s fine.  He turns her questions back on her. He asks about Steve, which Olivia is not willing to talk about.  She offers to mind her business, but points out that Delores’ perfume is the same as Lulu’s. 

Dante finds Lulu and Tracy at the Metro Court. Lulu tells him about Tracy’s marriage.  Dante mentions Olivia telling him about her wine drinking. He asks if Lulu has seen Michael, which Lulu hasn’t.  After Dante leaves, Tracy wonders what all the fuss is about a glass of wine.

Olivia returns to the station on the pretext of looking for gloves she left behind, which Delores hands to her.  Delores accuses Olivia of spying on her. Delores points out that they’re both married and she has no interest in Dante.  Olivia says it must have felt good when Dante defended her to Ronnie. Delores says it didn’t, she has a hard enough time earning the guy’s respect.  Olivia accepts that and then tells her to use a different perfume. 

Alexis goes to Sam, but forgets why. She complains about the heat.  She tells Sam about Molly tutoring TJ and how TJ has already stolen a car. Alexis says she thinks something is going on with Sam, but Sam doesn’t’ want to tell her.  Sam denies it, but Alexis says she looks tired and knows the look.  Alexis asks if Sam is pregnant. 

Jason runs into Shawn and asks if he’s seen Michael. He says to let him know when he does.  Shawn explains that he’s resigning, in order to take care of TJ, even though he’s not sure if it will work out.  It’s heavy stuff raising another man’s kid. 

Jason leaves a voice message for Michael to call him.  Dante finds Michael in an alley, standing over the dead body of Chuck Dinofrio, with the gun in his hand.