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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony shows up to talk to Sonny, telling him that he’s made a serious miscalculation.  Sonny says Anthony should be grateful that the truth is out.  Anthony says Sonny should have come to him and not to Johnny.  Sonny wonders why Anthony didn’t go to more trouble to cover up the secret. He feels Anthony was pretty sloppy with such a big secret.  Sonny wonders what will happen when the Solitos find out the truth. Who will take out Anthony first, the Solitos or Johnny?  Anthony wants to know how Sonny found out the truth. 

Anthony says Sonny shouldn’t have meddled.  Sonny feels Anthony will no longer have the same connection to Johnny. He asks what kind of man turns his daughter over to a business associate.  Anthony says Johnny is his heir, his family and that Claudia was spiteful.  Sonny yells at him to be careful about what he says about Claudia. Johnny won’t want him talking about his mother that way. 

Sonny says Anthony never protected his kids, Claudia deserved better.  Anthony reminds Sonny that he hated Claudia, so not to get on his high horse now.  Anthony says Sonny had no right to do what he did.  Sonny says he gave Johnny the truth.  Sonny says a father shouldn’t turn a blind eye on someone hurting their child.  Anthony agrees, he won’t let someone get away with hurting his child. 

Sam admits to Alexis that she is pregnant. Alexis is happy, although a little less when she realizes it means she’s going to be a grandma.  Alexis points out it’s what Sam has always wanted, a baby with Jason.  Sam agrees, but admits it came as a surprise and it’s overwhelming.  Alexis asks what the problem is. She says Franco is dead and there’s no more looking over their shoulders.  Alexis says Sam can talk to her about anything. She then wonders if Jason is the problem. 

Sam says they both want a child more than anything.  Alexis says being a mother is the best thing in the world.  She wants to tell Molly and Kristina, but Sam doesn’t want her to just yet.  Sam want to make sure everything is ok first.  Alexis knows that something is wrong, but tells her to let it go and embrace the moment. 

Michael swears to Dante that he didn’t kill Dinofrio. He only found the guy, already dead, in the alley.  Dante asks for details then tells Michael to leave, as though he was never there.  Jason follows Michael. 

Ronnie and Delores show up at the crime scene. Ronnie feels justice was served after all.  Ronnie thinks the dancers will breathe easier now. When Ronnie leaves, Delores says she doesn’t believe it was a mugging gone wrong. The real guy will lay low for awhile before striking again.  Dante wonders how to find him. 

Tracy’s trying to find a way to tell Edward about her wedding. She finds Luke hanging out in the Q living room, waiting for the sparks to fly.  Tracy wonders why Luke is following her everywhere and he claims he’s trying to help.  Edward shows up and lets Tracy know that he read about the wedding in the newspaper.  Tracy says she was going to tell him.  Edward can’t believe that she actually went through with it. Tracy says she was under duress. She explained it to him at Thanksgiving, but that neither Edward nor Luke helped her. 

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Edward figures she’ll move in with Anthony, but Tracy says he’s moving into the mansion with her.  Edward says both he and Monica draw the line at mobsters moving in, but Tracy points out that they would fall over themselves if Jason wanted to come home.  Edward asks why she doesn’t get the marriage annulled or a divorce.  Tracy says she can’t.  Luke points out that Anthony could die quickly, like Gino did, leaving her a widow. 

Liz stops by the Haunted Star and finds Ethan.  He wonders if she’s hoping to find Lucky.  Liz admits that Cam has been asking about his father. Ethan offers to spend time with Cam and teach him to play poker.  Liz says she’s trying not to think about Lucky, but that she was hoping he’d be there.  

Ethan apologizes for his past judgmental attitude towards Liz and for criticizing her.  Liz accepts his apology.  Ethan admits he wasn’t around for most of her relationship with Lucky, but Lucky talked a lot about failing her and blamed himself.  He tells her that Lucky cares about her.  Liz understands that even if Lucky comes back, he isn’t coming back to her. 

Ethan asks if she would take Lucky back. Liz says she doesn’t want to drag her kids through that again.  Ethan wonders if she’s going to find someone new. However, Liz says she needs to focus on herself.  Ethan admits he never appreciated her before.  Liz says she’s glad she stopped by. 

Jason follows Michael home and confronts him about what he witnessed in the alley.  Jason says it won’t take long for the police to trace the bullet back to his gun.  Michael explains about Dinofrio and the police letting him go.  Jason questions that he went after Dinofrio himself. Michael turns it back on him that Jason went after Franco. 

Jason asks what Michael did.  Michael’s upset that Jason thinks he did it.  Michael admits he’s been behaving badly since Abby died, but swears he didn’t kill Dinofrio.  Jason asks about the gun. Michael claims it was untraceable and he got rid of it.  Michael says starting now, he’ll honor Abby’s wishes. 

Jason goes to Sam and explains what happened with Michael.  Sam tells him about letting Alexis know about the pregnancy, but they still don’t know if the baby is his. 

Anthony says Johnny is still his blood, the only family he has left.  He points out Sonny has four kids.  Sonny warns him not to threaten his kids.  Anthony says Sonny has a lot to lose. Johnny wouldn’t go after kids, but he has different standards.  Anthony says Sonny hurt his kid, so he’ll hurt one of Sonny’s.  He says Kristina is by herself at school, Morgan too.  He points out that Michael might be coming to work for the Zs.  Anthony asks Sonny to pick a child to sacrifice, one that he can do without. 

Sonny says he’ll go after Johnny if Anthony goes after one of his kids.  Anthony says he’ll choose which Corinthos child he’ll go after.  After he leaves,  Sonny tells Max that Anthony will regret everything and that he’ll take back what’s his. 

Johnny gets drunk and then kills all the plants in the house and destroys furniture.  Anthony gets home and wonders why Johnny isn’t at a meeting, but home getting drunk.  Johnny asks why he’s home, since Johnny said he would kill Anthony next time he saw him.  Anthony sees the gardening shears in Johnny’s hand. He scoffs that they won’t do much, but Johnny says they got the job done. Anthony realizes that Johnny has destroyed all of his orchids and is upset that this is how Johnny gets even.  Johnny says they’re not even close to being even.