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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants Luke to tell her what information he got on Johnny, since Luke is enjoying the perks of the Metro Court and Carly isn’t enjoying anything.  Luke points out that he gave the info to someone else and Carly’s hands are clean.  Carly says she didn’t want Johnny hurt. Luke thinks she’s disappointed she won’t be able to sleep with Johnny now.  Carly admits that Johnny already turned her down, but that she likes him.  Luke warns her not to get involved with Johnny since she shares a past with Sonny.

Johnny sits on the pier, talking to “Claudia.” Kate stumbles across him and wonders if he’s been in accident.  Johnny tells her that it’s Sonny’s fault and that Sonny has quite a ways to fall now.  Johnny claims Sonny doesn’t know from empathy. He only believes in the greater glory that is Sonny Corinthos.  Kate says it sounds like Johnny’s starting a war and accuses him of shooting Sonny in his office. Johnny says that wasn’t him and points out that if he wanted Sonny dead, he would be.   Johnny declares what Sonny did will take on a life of its own and lots of people will be sorry.

Kate wonders if Johnny had a fight with Anthony and is now blaming Sonny.  Johnny says Sonny only cares about himself and puts his kids in the line of fire.  He says that Sonny hates Johnny so much, it blinds him and he uses weapons he knows nothing about.  Johnny declares he’ll pay Sonny back, as soon as he finds the right ammunition.

Sonny tells Jason that he bought the King Street pier. Jason’s surprised, since the Zaccharas wanted the property.  Sonny says he hit the Zs with something big.  Jason asks if he’s going to have a mess to clean up.  Sonny explains about Claudia and Gino Solito. He thinks Johnny will go after Anthony and he will have dismantled the Zaccharas without lifting a finger.  Sonny says he has no sympathy for Johnny, all the Zacharas are crazy. It’s in their blood. 

Jason logically points out that Anthony will now come after them.  Sonny admits he already showed up.  Kate arrives, so Jason leaves.  They talk about their new restaurant.  She tells Sonny that she ran into Johnny on the pier and that he was upset.  Sonny says Johnny doesn’t deserve her compassion and that he finished the war without bullets. 

Lulu drags her butt out of bed, as Maxie bangs the door down.  Maxie claims she’s concerned about Lulu, but then says she’s busy with work and asks Lulu to come back to Crimson.  Lulu isn’t interested in the magazine. Maxie’s concerned that Lulu is sitting around the house all day.  She tells Lulu that she has a new roommate and explains that it’s Spinelli.  Lulu warns her not to hurt Spinelli just to make Matt jealous.  Lulu pulls out a bottle of wine and Maxie points out that it’s still only breakfast.  Lulu claims it’s almost noon and she had wine yesterday too. She doesn’t’ understand why both Olivia and Tracy got bent out of shape about it. 

Maxie thinks it’s a problem, when she finds other bottles sitting around, and points out the Spencer trait for dependency.  Lulu says she’s not an alcoholic.  Maxie tells her that she can’t lie to herself and expect to turn out okay. 

Matt’s happy to see Robin back from her trip.  Liz gives her a hug.  Matt asks about Africa, but Robin explains the truth to him. She asks that they not walk on eggshells around her. 

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Robin apologizes to Liz for asking her to take Robin’s place.  Robin says Liz has been a good friend.  Liz says she understands and that Robin is not going anywhere.  Patrick tells Matt about Robin asking Liz to take her place. 

Sam and Spinelli discuss some of their cases and new ones involving his new cyber friends.  He spots a kids furniture magazine on her desk and wonders about it.  Sam says she’s not sure if she’s ready for a child. She is concerned about genetics and points out that her own mother is a Cassadine.  Talk turns to Spin moving in with Maxie. Sam points out that it’s to make Matt jealous and he’s been down that road before.  Spin figures being Maxie’s friend and roommate is better than nothing at all. 

Carly runs into Johnny on the piers.  He asks about Michael and says she’d do anything for him, even lie to him.  Carly asks him to tell her what happened, but he says something is going to happen. There’s a loud explosion.  Johnny asks how she likes his handiwork.  He points out that he just blew up the King Street pier Sonny just bought out from under him.  Carly says he’s starting a war and points out that sister Claudia would not want Johnny to continue the vendetta against Sonny.  Johnny says he tried to keep the peace, but Sonny wouldn’t let him.  He declares that he’ll break Sonny or die trying. 

Sonny hears about pier and leaves a voice message for Alexis to handle it, since it wasn’t him that blew it up.  Sonny asks Kate about her trip to San Francisco and whether she got the flowers he sent to her usual suite.  Eventually, Kate admits she wasn’t there, that her plans changed.  Sonny asks where she was. 

Jason shows up at the hospital for his test results.  Patrick asks why Jason didn’t tell him the truth about Robin.  Jason says Robin had to tell him in her own time.  Patrick says Liz is the one who told him. 

Matt questions Liz, whether she seriously considered Robin’s request to get together with Patrick as Maxie shows up to see Matt. 

Luke’s on the phone with Skye, reassuring her that she won’t feel the fallout of the information she gave him, he’s made a large contribution to her bank account.  Lulu shows up and asks if her father remembers her.  Luke claims that he thinks of her every day.  Lulu pours herself a glass of wine, says they need to talk and then angrily throws the glass across the room. 

Johnny gets home and burns the birth certificate.  Carly shows up and wonders why he set off the explosion, since it’s going to get Sonny angry.  Carly says she wants to help.  Johnny says she can’t, but pulls her in and they kiss. 

Sam and Spinelli are discussing his missing cyber skills, when Sam gets a cramp and doubles over in pain. 

Robin tells Jason that she has his test results and they aren’t good.  He swears his outbursts are not as bad.  He gets a call about the explosion and wants to leave.  Robin tells him that if he leaves now, he’s risking his life